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DOes anyone know what my housing rights are?

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TitsalinaBumSquash Tue 11-Jan-11 19:31:45

DP has decided to turn nasty in splitting up, he has refused to leave. We are a joint name on the tenancy on a Housing asociation flat. He has informed me that e has rung them and they have said I can't force him to leave. He said this of course with a big grin on his smug ficking face... i try my hardest to make this easy on him. He is such a twat. :'(

Resolution Tue 11-Jan-11 23:22:40

I presume that the HA have a policy for dealing with situations like these. I assume that you have no children. Speak to someone at the HA and see what you have to do.

mrsfollowill Tue 11-Jan-11 23:29:01

Hi Titsalina! you have been having a hard time lately. I would also speak to the HA - if they are no help go and see CAB - there must be lots of people who have been through a similar situation. He sounds like a complete arse BTW and you will be well rid of him. I would also maybe contact Shelter - they are really good on the legal stuff. Good luck with everything and keep posting. Sometimes just writing stuff down can clear your mind.

TitsalinaBumSquash Wed 12-Jan-11 08:16:44

We have 2 young boys, he doesn't seem to give a damn about hurting them either. I am off to the bank and to the CAB today. Thanks

Lucyintheskywithdiazepam Wed 12-Jan-11 08:22:57

Also, contact Shelter (

They are experts in Housing Rights and preventing homelessness.

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