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judge has awarded divorce court costs. How do I get them?

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whitetulips Wed 22-Dec-10 20:16:05

Decree nisi has been awarded, and the court costs and any costs subject to the charge are to be paid by stbx.
So how do I get the money, and will it cost me to do so?

Resolution Thu 23-Dec-10 10:09:03

Did you act for yourself? If so, I suggest you write to the judge and ask him/her to make an actual order for quantified costs - this will be your court fees and any out of pocket expenses.

If the judge isn't minded to make such an order, you should request a hearing. I think the judge would make the order though.

If the judge has already quantified the costs husband is to pay, and he hasn't paid them, politely point out to him in writing that you will proceed to enforce the costs order if he does not pay up withing 14 days, then when time has expired go to court and fill in an appliction for a warrant of execution on form N323. _0499.pdf

This will mean that the next thing he knows is that the baliffs are knocking on his door, taking walking posession of his car.

I find that usually works!

whitetulips Thu 23-Dec-10 13:21:44

I still have my solicitor acting for me, she has asked his solicitor twice for the actual amount, but is being ignored.
Thanks, if this is not resolved by the time of the absolute, I will send him the form!

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