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Please can someone help - need legal advice

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Justanormalmum Sat 18-Dec-10 22:53:58

Such a long story but trying to put short version on here:

- employed builder (known to us as had done work previously) to renovate kitchen
- builder said he knew someone who made sash windows and would need £300 to get started
- we gave builder this amount in cash
- 4 weeks later (the day windows are being delivered) builder calls and says the window maker is in hospital with heart problems and worse still hasn't even started the windows.
- we commission another window maker - whole renovation put back by 4 weeks though
- ever since have been chasing builder for money - first of all saying he'd pay in instalments, then that we gave him the wrong bank details, then that he'd transferred it (he hasn't)
- phone has been dead for a couple of weeks though started ringing again today.
- i have left a message saying we're consulting solicitors etc

Please can someone tell me what to do? I am really upset about this as I worked really hard for that money and am shocked someone we trusted would just run off with it. We do know where he lives if that makes any difference. I also have text messages from him admitting he owes us money!

Thanks so much. I know it sounds silly but I can't think of anything else and feel like this is going to ruin my christmas.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Sun 19-Dec-10 02:47:11

Ach, don't let £300 ruin your Xmas. Did you get a receipt? Have you actually contacted solicitors? (because Small Claims Court would be cheaper...)

WestVirginia Sun 19-Dec-10 11:41:13

Go to your Trading standards department, he may have done this before with other people.

Possibly go to the police, it may be "obtaining money by false pretences"

prh47bridge Sun 19-Dec-10 23:10:11

Send a letter setting a reasonable deadline by which the money must be returned and stating you will take legal action if it isn't. If that fails you should take action. This will be a small claim so you won't need a solicitor. The process is fairly straightforward. You will be able to recover court fees from the builder assuming you win.

Justanormalmum Thu 23-Dec-10 22:47:37

thanks everyone - have been knocked down by flu here so only just checking your replies.

no sodding receipt...

i am going to check with trading standards, good idea.

have to go as both sons really poorly. thank you for your responses. i know i am being silly but i just worked so hard for that money.

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