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Tour Operator issues re change of accommodation

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CaurnieBred Wed 15-Dec-10 17:57:46

We have been contacted today by the travel agent to say that the accommodation we have booked for our summer holiday next August has not renewed their contract with the Tour Operator (TO) next year.

We booked this holiday on the day that the holiday for summer 2011 went on sale, back in April this year, to ensure we got one of the free child places. We had booked a one bedroom apartment on a 4* complex on a half board basis, on one of their premium ranges. In replacement we have been offered, with no discount or recompense, a single hotel room on an all inclusive basis in a 4* complex but not in the premium range. They say that this is an upgrade as the cost of the hotel is higher than the cost of the apartment (this is true if we didn't have the free child place: with the free child place the cost is £342 less; without the free child place the difference would be £857 more).

Our issue is that we are not being offered like for like: accommodation is (much) smaller and not as high a quality. We have also been told that we could not have been guaranteed a free child place at the hotel if we had booked that but as we booked the holiday the day the holidays were released we think this is highly unlikely.

Would anyone have any idea what our legal rights are here?


WestVirginia Wed 15-Dec-10 18:13:52

Ask them for a full refund.

StiffyByng Wed 15-Dec-10 18:31:01

The Trip Advisor forums have some very knowledgeable bods on them who will probably be able to give you chapter and verse on this.

CaurnieBred Wed 15-Dec-10 23:25:45

Thanks WV - problem with full refund is that we have only paid the deposit which they will probably refund, but now all the "free child" deals have gone (as it is for August) and so we won't be able to get anything comparable at a similar price, so we will still be losing out.

SB - will try Trip Advisor - thanks.

Wottknottandmincepies Sat 18-Dec-10 18:15:06

You don't have to cancel or take their alternative straight away. Don't feel under pressure to do so.
I suggests you
2) Get a quote from a reputable Tour Operator for the same holiday package that your originally booked, see what the price is - it ay even be less - so you can cancel and rebook elsewhere.
1) Shop around see if you can get something better elsewhere for a better price, then cancell and get a full refund.

if you decide not to take their alternative, you should get a full refund - including a refund for the deposit too (that;s what full means). You are not going till next August, so I guess you have only paid a deposit.

TBH Free child places are generally offered by the hotels/resorts, the airlines still charge for the flight seats. Sometimes companies offer free child place which are falsely advertised, when in fact the adult prices are hiked up to compensate the free place. No such thing as a free holiday.

Posted on your travel thread too.

CaurnieBred Sun 19-Dec-10 21:11:36

Thanks. It is just such a pain when we thought we had everything sorted.

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