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Customer ignoring calls and invoices, what now?

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IamMrsJones Sat 04-Dec-10 11:45:44


I'm hoping someone will be able to offer some advice with this.

Briefly; My husband runs a business and has dealers that carry out work around the country.

This particular dealer he has dealt with for a number of years and has always been ok. 18 months ago, my husband sent this guy some expensive equipment (of his own)for this guy to use.

DH seems to have a sixth sense about these things and become slightly concerned with this guy and a drop in contact about a month ago. He usually speaks to this guy on a weekly basis and hadn't done so for nearly 6 weeks, although this guy was still carrying out work using DH's equipment.

Fast forward to Tuesday, DH called his mobile to let him know that he had two jobs for him to do in his area. The phone rang out but no answer. Sent him an email telling him about the jobs and asking him if he was interested. He replied within a couple of hours, to say yes.

DH then tried to call his mobile, once again it rang out. So he just did a quick email on his phone saying that he had just tried calling him and asking him to get in touch re the customers, and to remind him of his outstanding invoice.

This was the last contact DH has had with him. Since then all email's have bounced back, he has closed his website, his mobile is now unobtainable.

DH then sent him a message via Facebook as this was pretty much the last line of contact he had, just sying that he couldn't get hold of him on phone etc. The next day, the guy had closed his Facebook account.

This now brings us to today. DH this morning, has managed to get this guy's new phone number. He called him, his wife answered, passed him over. The guy asked who it was, DH told him, then the guy put the phone down and switched his phone off.

Which eventually grin brings me to my question. What the bloody hell should we do next?

DH thinks we should send a recorded letter requesting the return of his equipment; therefore terminating the use of it.

I think we should get the police to deal with it, but DH reckons it will be considered a civil matter at this point as he has not asked for the kit back.

Many thanks for reading through this, I know it turned into a bit of an essay and we appreciate any advice.

prh47bridge Mon 06-Dec-10 09:24:35

I'm with your husband. I doubt the police would want to get involved.

Was there any form of written agreement about this loan? Do you have any paperwork to prove that this loan took place?

Right now you don't know if this dealer is attempting to make off with the equipment. He may have broken it and not want to own up or there may be some other explanation for his behaviour.

The first step is to formally ask for return of the equipment. If that doesn't produce any results, you can sue the dealer for the value of the equipment.

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