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Appointment with solicitor

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Ladywolf Tue 30-Nov-10 11:24:42

My husband left in august we have a mortgage together which he is still paying at the moment although he is struggling because he is renting too, he is getting himself into a lot of debt. I have made an appointment at a solicitors, i don't want a divorce but i need to protect myself and our two children. I have a couple of things to ask the solicitor, but wouldn't mind some ideas of perhaps things i haven't thought of yet. My brain feels like mush most days. My appointment is tomorrow(i only just thought to post)So if anyone wants to tell me what sort of things they asked, or would ask in a similar situation please let me know. Everything to do with seperation, money, custody etc.

Gonzo33 Tue 30-Nov-10 12:16:06

Every situation is different, and your solicitor will advise accordingly.

I expect you will be asked what you want out of his/her time. Are you sure you don't want a divorce? Do you want a financial agreement set up?

I had a Deed of Separation set up when I initially left my ex detailing the split of finances, contact with our son for my ex, that kind of thing. However that may not be appropriate for your circumstances.

I think you should not worry about what they are going to ask you, but remember to be very honest in your replies to the questions because otherwise the advice you get may be useless.

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