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public liability insurance?

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chickenlickin Mon 22-Nov-10 21:19:37

Can anyone help? A friend of mine is thinking of setting up a 'messy play' toddler group. This is for pre-school age children and under and the parents have to stay with them. It would be in a village hall. She has had a quote of about £150 but the same insurance company insure the normal toddler group for £60 a year. Can't seem to find any reason for the difference.Does anyone have any experience in this or done the same thing?

Tortington Mon 22-Nov-10 21:26:10

check if the village hall ( council owned?) has its own liaibility insurance. this doesn't negate the Groups need for insurance, but maybe this can explain the difference?

i don't know. just a suggestion.

if they are setting up what will be in effect a community group they need to assess funding options, the council usually has something called a 'community chest' or a small grants application for community groups - this can be finding up to 500 or 1000 pounds. certainly help set the group on its feet and help them financially whilst they are getting their costs worked out - which tey should do beforehand btw.

i think the group should consider charging the parents a small fee of maybe £2 per session. its not much but it will certainly help towards ongoing costs.

your local council will also have a funding officer or a grants officer, and this person can help the group identify what grants are available to them

it would be worth asking the council if there is a community worker in the area that might be able to help with grant forms

when applying for a grant, you will obviously have to set up a bank account. to do this you will have to have a 'CONSTITUTION' or a set of rules for the group.

you can google constitutions and just change the working as appropriate - or ask another toddler group in the area how they do things.

it would be well worth while asking the local council if there are any parent and toddler groups in the area and visit them to see how they run things and how they deal with any associated costs.

Tortington Mon 22-Nov-10 21:28:18

also if you have any housing assoication tenants attending the group - this might give you access to community funds from the housing assoications in your area - if there are any. housing assoications usually have some kind of funding to help their communities - they may well have a communty worker to help out too

Tortington Mon 22-Nov-10 21:29:23

the other toddler group will have paid staff that are qualified - this probably has something to do with the insurance calculation

MrsMellowdrummer Mon 29-Nov-10 16:45:27

Is it through the Pre School Alliance? They do insurance for that kind of thing. Just wondering if it's them, because they do charge about £60 per year for a basic public liability, BUT... you also have to be a member of the PSA, which in turn costs about £60. Other insurance companies will charge more, but there are no additional hidden costs. £150 sounds about right to me - we run a similar group.

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