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Changing the locks

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doblet Wed 10-Nov-10 11:59:58

My ex changed the locks on our house when we split up (after I had moved out). I didn't mind at th etime because I wanted to give him his privacy. He has now moved out of the house and I would like to buy it. As it is also empty, I would like to move in rather than pay for 2 properties while we try and sort out our finances. Problem is is that he won't give me a key and refuses to answer my questions on the subject. I know that I can legally break in and get access that way (and change the locks), but can anything stop him doing the same once I have moved in?

mumblechum Wed 10-Nov-10 13:56:47

I think you should give him fair warning of your intention to change the locks, and if he ignores that, get them changed but give him a key as well.

As you're joint proprietors, you both have every right to enter the property, so potentially, you could move in and so could he!

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