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Consumer rights with leaky shoes

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mackerel Mon 08-Nov-10 17:42:16

All you consumer watchdogs out there, maybe you could help us with this. My DH bought a pair of boots online - oiled nubuck desert boots. He wore them in the rain last Friday - not that much rain- and his feet were absolutely sopping wet and the shoes are still wet inside.

We rang the retailer who said that unless they are specified as waterproof then it's not their problem. Apparently they are hand stitched so we should expect them to let in water. Also they said that because they're called desert boots the purpose of the shoe is in the name hmm. Like we'd be buying a pair of those boots to go trekking in the sahara!

They are refusing to give us any money back or exchange them. We are saying that they did not give any description of the boot online or understanding that they aren't suitable for eaven vaguely wet weather. Given they are selling them in the UK at winter time isn't it fair to assume it will rain.

Anyway, anybody have any idea how we might possibly negotiate a refund or credit note? Do we have any rights here or not?

Any advice gratefully received.

LucindaCarlisle Mon 08-Nov-10 17:49:15

Actually it CAN rain in the desert. The rainy season in Egypt is November and december.

contact your trading standards department at the council

mackerel Mon 08-Nov-10 19:53:04

Damn. And that was the only opportunity to wear the boots. Gobi desert might be rain free?

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