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any one have more than 3 dc and have emetophobia?

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mumtoo3 Thu 12-Nov-09 10:39:40

hi all

we have dd1-6.5, ds-3.5 and dd2-just 2, we want more children and i could be pregnant now who knows!!!

dh wants 4 but i have also had a vision since i was very young of 5! at the moment all 3 have had sick bug and i am a complete wreck (changing meds at moment does not help!)!

so my question is has anyone else had this awful phobia with a family of 5 and how do you cope??????

mt3 x

Tortoise Thu 12-Nov-09 20:40:04

I have 4 DC. And an emetophobe although not a severe phobia anymore. I have had to cope as a single mum with whatever DC throw at me!
I still worry a lot when i hear people at school discussing their child being ill. And DD2 was sick once today so am now worrying about my other 3 getting ill. Will no doubt be awake half the night listenning out for any footsteps upstairs.

Luckily (touch wood, hug a tree!) my DC very very rarely get sickness bugs.

mumtoo3 Fri 13-Nov-09 06:35:53

thank you for your reply it gives me hope as i think i could be preg with dc4! and i depend on dh soooo much and you are a single mum and cope so well done and it really helps to know i am not alone with a large family with this phobia

fingers crossed i am going to have hyphnotherapy to overcome this phobia!


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