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How did you decide to have baby no 2? whats best age gap?

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bgt Tue 10-Nov-09 22:29:41

I am 36 and have a little boy who will be 2 in March. I am definately having another but cant make my mind up when to start trying. I would start in the New Year 2010 but OH says 2011.

piprabbit Tue 10-Nov-09 23:08:41

With the way female fertility kind of drops off a cliff at about 38, I'd be tempted to start trying sooner rather than later. I know from bitter persoanl experience that TTC no.2 isn't always a simple matter.

I had my DD when I was 33. We started trying for no.2 when DD was about a year old.

I had three years of secondary infertility, miscarriages, an ectopic pregnancy, surgery, a diagnosis of endometriosis and finally a round of IVF. I finally had my DS when I was 38 grin.

Good luck with whatever you decide, it's such an exciting decision.

darydork Wed 11-Nov-09 19:27:37

hi bgt, i would def agree to go for it now if you want another, unfortunately there is medical proof out there that fertility can start to wain from mid 30s (piprabbit is a perfect example of this) you could wait till your 38 and conceive without any problems (many do)but if both you & ur dh both want another why take that unnessesary risk to wait IMO?? Also 2-21/2 yrs is a lovely age gap, I know what i would do.. Very best of luck with whatever you decide smile

girlsyearapart Wed 11-Nov-09 19:36:44

If you know you want more than one go for it now!
We knew we did so went for it when dd1 was 3mo and I fell pregnant straight away so dd2 was born when dd1 was 1 and 3 days.

Have never regretted it (though severely sleep deprived at the beginning!)

Trying for 3rd now.

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