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Anyone never travel altogether in one car ?

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MillyMollyMoo Sun 20-Sep-09 18:37:27

Am planning far too far ahead but am wondering if we ended up with 5 DC if it would actually work out better to get 2 £5,000 cars instead of 1 big MPV type thing.
After all how often do you all go anywhere together and if you did would the petrol really be that much more ?
Plus there would be more room for everyone and those who fight could be split up.

elvislives Sun 20-Sep-09 18:44:31

The only problem is that if you only have 2 drivers, if you have to all go somewhere in 2 cars you both have to drive back.

We have hired an MPV a couple of times (we have 2x 5 seaters and 5 dcs) but it isn't always easy to get hold of one and is quite expensive. OTOH I don't like driving late at night when I'm tired so it does make things awkward.

(and yes the petrol is much more but the biggest thing is 2 lots of parking everywhere you go!)

LongStory Sun 20-Sep-09 23:25:32

Hi - we had this one when expecting 4 & 5. You're right about not going out together much - although it's nice when we do all travel together, it's maybe only once or twice a month.

The main reason I went for a big 7 seater (Kia Sedona) in the end was that I couldn't face deciding / negotiating who takes which car and who sits where for each journey, and wasting my short life rearranging car seats. We don't have high mileage so the petrol isn't much of an issue.

bronze Sun 27-Sep-09 14:50:11

we don't but dont have two cars either. We just rarely all go anywhere together (not through choice though)

sarah293 Sun 27-Sep-09 15:37:21

Message withdrawn

juuule Sun 27-Sep-09 18:16:09

When we've gone away recently (only 1 car now) we had some go by car and the others by train.

sheepgomeep Mon 28-Sep-09 15:43:37

I won't be changing my car because i can't afford one and dp doesn't drive, ah well

alysonpeaches Thu 01-Oct-09 16:30:54

We thought about this, but DH kept existing car (picasso) and I bought an old VW Sharan 7 seater. Its been a good compromise, I love the Sharan and it wasnt expensive. It isnt often that we all go somewhere together, but Im just grateful for extra space. I leave one seat out and therefore can step inside and easily fasten everyones belt. This used to be a pain in other car, particularly fastening the child in the middle.

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