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Feeling sad - baby turning one

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FlamingoDuBeke Sun 20-Sep-09 08:20:27

I thought I'd get a nice lot of support here from everyone else with big families.

I've been pregnant or having a babe-in-arms for 7 years now, and our DD4 is going to turn one on Tuesday and I am so, so emotional about it.

We know we don't want any more at the moment, although I'm only 29 so we're not making any decisions that would rule out more in the future. But I don't feel broody and I don't want to be pregnant again right now.

In addition, I don't feel I am able to stretch myself any further and still be giving my existing children what they need emtionally and time-wise from their mum.

But I just keep crying at the moment. Crying when I see my baby walking, crying when I've been planning her birthday, crying when I've been freecycling all the baby clothes sad. Crying right now writing this.

I know it's just the high emotions involved in any transition phase in life, but it's horrid all the same.

Has anyone else gone through this when they've got to the stage when their family's complete?

leamac Sun 20-Sep-09 09:08:32

I feel so sorry for you, you should be proud that you are being so successful as a mum and enjoy having your baby, age 1 is still and baby and will need you as their mum for a very long time. I felt like this when my wee one turned a year but now I realise i must enjoy having her and not worry her wee life away and like you say you may have another in the future

FlamingoDuBeke Sun 20-Sep-09 09:40:54

Thanks Leamac. I am proud, and excited about the future. I am really, really enjoying having older children - each stage is a joy. I'm just sad that we may never want to have another baby again, and I may never get to do the pregnancy, giving birth, carrying, breastfeeding thing again. It's so special and close.

I really, really hope we do all want to have another baby one day.

bronzebeard Sun 20-Sep-09 09:43:33

What Leamac said though I understand how you feel as ds3 is only 5 months but I'm constantly thinking 'this is the last time...'
I know it's the last time as dh has been snipped

was going to say more but now writing blind as ds just made the page huge and I cant see more than one letter ast a time

bronzebeard Sun 20-Sep-09 09:46:10

sorty x posted in my confusion

I wonder why I want another when there are times when I feel like I can't cope with my lot but speaking to friends with onlys they have days like that too

Booette Sun 20-Sep-09 23:25:26

My youngest is just 2 and I am feeling the same way. I feel such sadness sometimes that there won't be anymore babies in the house, but on the other hand it's nice now they are growing up and are that bit more independent and I can see the future with me and DH and our kids.

I really thought when he was born that that was it, but now he's coming up to the age when we usually start thinking about the next one I find myself thinking about babies. It's so hard!

I've savoured every moment of his babyhood knowing he'll be my last, but I think it's just made me more broody! It doesn't help that he's such a lovely cute funny boy!

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