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family calenders?

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reban Sat 19-Sep-09 22:15:49

Hi does anyone know where i would get a calender suitable for a family of 6? Had one this year but it only had 5 seperate rows in, so me and dp had to share one which wasn't terribly practical .. plus he just assumed everything in that row was my responisibilty hmm

lockets Sat 19-Sep-09 22:28:29

Message withdrawn

ThixotropicOobleck Sat 19-Sep-09 22:30:15

I have the OM Month to view one. And 8 million electronic calendars also. And a Weekly planner on the fridge.

I still forget stuff.

FlamingoDuBeke Sun 20-Sep-09 08:21:20

I've asked for an organised mum calendar this year - have a look at the website. They have loads of different types.

LongStory Sun 20-Sep-09 23:16:27

try - you can design your own! we've used this for years and it works if we remember to put stuff on it and read it.

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