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How do you keep little bits of lego (things that can be choked on) out of the way of your older children?

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Purplepanettone Sun 30-Aug-09 13:24:19

It caused great upset for my second child when he wasn't allowed to play with his tiny toys on the floor when his brother was born.

I'm not sure what to do if we manage to fall pregnant again. I am thinking of a stairgate across the door so the big ones are one side playing with chokable stuff and the baby is in the kitchen with me cooking supper etc, but I shouldn't think the baby/toddler would be too impressed with that.

Sorry this is a rather boring question (esp compared to the 'Poly' question above grin but would really appreciate your help.

Thank you.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Sun 30-Aug-09 13:27:35

Did you mean out of the way of the younger children?

Boxes with lids and keep them in their own rooms.

CarGirl Sun 30-Aug-09 13:29:12

Older ones have little stuff in their rooms & play up there grin

Purplepanettone Sun 30-Aug-09 13:30:25

Yes, I meant little bits out of the way of the (not yet conceived baby).

Thanks, will consider making the bedroom the place for little things.

NorbertDentressangle Sun 30-Aug-09 13:31:39

My DD was just about 5yo when her little brother started crawling and getting into mischief. I encouraged her to play with "tiny" toys (mainly Polly Pockets in her case) in her room.

I sold it to her by suggesting it stopped DS from breaking or losing her things rather than the POV that it was to keep DS safe -that way it seemed more like I was thinking of her rather than him IYSWIM . I wanted to avoid her feeling as if she was being shunted off to play elsewhere.

Also I would suggest to her that she waits until DS went for a nap and that we could then play with something together.

NorbertDentressangle Sun 30-Aug-09 13:33:10

or get her to play with things at the dining room table

(although that was before DS discovered how to climb onto said dining table hmm)

sorky Sun 30-Aug-09 13:45:00

I must admit I haven't ever experienced this with my 4. If the Lego is out, I just either take the baby out of the way and we do something else or I sit with them whilst they play with it.

My 2yo is obsessed with putting dice into his mouth atm. He has to be watched like a hawk.

CarGirl Sun 30-Aug-09 14:24:51

Actually I used a playpen for a looooong time too!

clop Sun 30-Aug-09 14:53:05

With baby I just kept an eye on him.
And occasionally fished something out of his mouth. blush
Pretty quick, certainly by 12 months they seem to know it's not edible and I am pretty relaxed about their access after that. Things like marbles and coins I'm still paranoid about, but not Lego.

Purplepanettone Sun 30-Aug-09 20:42:19

Thank you everyone, that makes me feel more reassured.

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