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When you had three, did one get left out?

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Mummywhereisyourwillie Sat 15-Aug-09 09:26:55

I'm just wondering how people found their families when they had only three children?


LadyOfTheFlowers Sat 15-Aug-09 09:38:08

I find that dh seems to have less of a connection with middle child. all are boys.

the first 2 only have 14m between them so are very close and into the same things etc, ds3 is 8m so still a babe, but i think he will be left out as the other 2 are best mates.

am just preg with no4 now.

juuule Sat 15-Aug-09 09:43:53

No. But then we only had 3 for 15m until no4 came along

lljkk Mon 17-Aug-09 19:29:42

Yes, not that having 4 made that much difference as 4th is quite young.
They never fought until 3rd got old enough to compete.
I don't know what the secret is to not fighting other than only having one, but we never had rows until 3rd got to about 2.5yo.

TheProfiteroleThief Mon 17-Aug-09 19:31:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SammyK Mon 17-Aug-09 19:32:46

I was one of 3 girls and one of us was always feeling left out. (Just offering a child's perspective - can't offer a parent's as just have the one)! smile

haventsleptforayear Mon 17-Aug-09 19:34:09

I wonder about this as my mum is one of 3 and said recently to me she would never have 3 because she found it hard.

We currently have 2 DS and are umming and ahhing about n°3....

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