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Anyone have a big gap between last two,so had another??

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Angifi Sun 09-Aug-09 10:26:22

I've got 5 children.My last two have an 8 year gap.At the time I wasn't bothered about the baby being so much younger, but now I worry about him being like an only child as when he's 10 his nearest sibling will be 18.I have enjoyed his babyhood so much that another baby would be lovely, however my DH and I are getting on (I'm 42 and DH is 48) so I'd have to do it soon.Of course there's no garentee is there?
I'd like to hear what other families have experienced.Did you have a large gap and just the one more, or did you have two more?

mrsdisorganised Sun 09-Aug-09 11:21:58

My mum did this, there was a 7 year gap between her baby and the next one up, so she had her last to keep 'baby' company! She was 43 btw and her last was dc8. If you've got the energy and you're both still enjoying it then why not. Good luck. smile

I suppose we have also done this, dd4 is 4 years younger than dd3, am now 29 weeks with dc5 and know he/she will be our last due to medical complications, there will be exactly 2 years between dd4 and dc5.

elvislives Sun 09-Aug-09 21:52:35

We have 5 and have a 17 year gap between the last 2. I have been wondering about this whole scenario but don't feel I can justify trying to have another baby just to provide a sibling for DD. I'm 46 so time really is running out, if we could manage it at all.

I will watch this thread with interest because it's one I've been on the verge of starting for several months.

piscesmoon Sun 09-Aug-09 22:09:50

I have an 8 yr gap betwen 1 and 2 so we deliberately had 3 very quickly, less than 2 yrs, so that 2 wasn't left on his own with aged parents! My DH is 11 yrs younger than his brother so was only 7 when brother left home, leaving him like an only DC-DH didn't want history repeating itself.

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