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Pregnant with number 4!!!!

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catnipkitty Sat 01-Aug-09 07:49:41

Hi All

Just had a blue cross this morning EEEK!! I have a 5 yr old and 4 yr old twins, all girls. I am starting to feel excited, but also very scared about going back to baby days when it's all so much easier now, and how will I cope??? Finding it hard to think of all the positives about having a fourth that I persuaded DH with when we were trying. My initial reaction was "What have we done?" !!!!

Top tips please!!!!

C xx

CherylCole Sat 01-Aug-09 10:35:54

Congratulations, might be twins again !!!

catnipkitty Sat 01-Aug-09 14:04:49

That doesn't make me feel any better wink

darydork Sun 02-Aug-09 15:12:47

hi catnip kitty, congrats on your pregnancy, i dont have any top tips for you im afraid but i am interested to read bout your "wot have i done" reaction to your pregnanacy, I have a ds 7, dd 6 and dd 20mths and even though i was so shur i was finished im becoming increasingly broody the last few weeks, i have niggling doubts that i wont have the patience to cope with 4 and dont want to go ahead and feel that "what have i done" feeling, my 20mth old is very good and all 3 sleep all nite which is a big plus i know, but my older boy & girl fight constantly and it really wears me down and i feel like i spend the best part of the day shouting and separating them angry how do you cope with the 3 that you have?

dizzydixies Sun 02-Aug-09 15:13:34

oh lovely, congratulations envy

theboob Sun 02-Aug-09 15:20:07

congratulations grin i am 32 weeks with number 4 and i had the same feelings, it does go away and excitment replaces it if we can cope with 3 then 1 more thrown in cant be a problem can it hmm

catnipkitty Sun 02-Aug-09 20:08:34

Thank you for the replies and the congrats! Feeling a bit more excited today, tho hubbie still quietly in shock...

Darydork, I find 3 ok to cope with to be honest - as they're all girls and so close in age they have alot of the same interests (I suspect will be a different story when no. 4 comes along hmm ) and enjoy the same days out etc. The main prob I have is that 1 always seems to be left out. DD1 often feels left out of DD2 and 3s games as they have the very close twin thing going on - and I often get the 'I'm telling' thing too which does drive me a bit bonkers. Hoping the dynamic will work a bit better with 4 (?!). Have you read 'Siblings without rivalry'? It's really good.

darydork Mon 03-Aug-09 14:29:08

Glad your feeling more excited now and im shur your dh will too when he gets over the shock!!
I think when you have more than 2 dcs there is always going to be one that feels a bit left out, especially in your case with the twins having a special bond,hopefully when #4 arrives tings mite balance out a bit better with them, my boy tends to feel left out too as my 2 dds have a great bond and play brilliantly despite the 4yr age gap.. But even if i have a 4th and its a brother for him i tink the age gap would prob be too big (8yrs) I havnt read that book on Sibling rivalary (its about the only book i dont have!) but will invest and hopefully find the answers to all my problems hmm..tanx

Tink il give myself another couple of weeks and if i still cant shake the longing for #4 il just bite the bullet and start ttc...

mumtoo3 Mon 03-Aug-09 20:42:46


we thought we were preg again until 4 hours ago! i agree about the 3 fighting, thats what drives me mad but i really want 5 in total but fingers crossed there wont be that much fighting grin

ps would love twins one of each! would really complete this family wink

sweetkitty Tue 04-Aug-09 15:57:48

congratulations am also envy

I have 3 girls and am TTc number 4 too, my first two are terribly close and I feel DD3 might get left out a bit and 4 is a better number than 3

and dizzy is that an envy there too lol

catnipkitty Wed 05-Aug-09 16:25:43

Thank you sweetkitty and good luck with your TTC. How old are your girls?

Strangely I am finding myself feeling embarrassed about telling people we're having another - everyone's assuming I'll be going back to work as twins starting school in september and I've been a SAHM since having my 1st 5yrs ago. I'm 39, we have a smallish house, we sold all our baby stuff, I kept saying a def didn't want another (tho this is planned as I changed my mind several months ago!!) and have been basically lying to people about what I'll be doing in september when all 3 girls will be at school. I'm worried about peoples reactions...

sweetkitty Wed 05-Aug-09 22:49:34

Mine are just turned 5, 3 1/2 and just turned 1 and I'm 34 so want to squeeze in another before I am 35 then I can pull down the shutters for good

You will be absolutely fine, you had twins and then a baby very close this time you will find you will treasure the baby stage more and he/she will be utterly doted on by 3 big sisters

BottySpottom Fri 07-Aug-09 19:14:39

Oh my goodness, so did I, and it will be our fourth too!

I am really really scared too, but cautiously excited. Already obsessing with names and trying not to think too far ahead as I am 44 and the chances of things going wrong are huge.

When is your due date?

BottySpottom Fri 07-Aug-09 19:23:10

Can also relate to your fear of telling people! I have heard some very judgey comments about a friend who has recently had her fourth and hate to think what the grandparents will say!

bronze Sat 08-Aug-09 10:49:22


juuule Sat 08-Aug-09 10:57:37


Angifi Sun 09-Aug-09 01:15:58

Congratulations!My youngest is 11months and was born after a 9 year gap.He is also my 5th child and there was many a raised eyebrow when we announced the pregnancy.I can't tell you how many people called us "crazy".Actually it was a bit hurtful and made me quite angry! I was very careful about who we told, and we really didn't tell anyone until I was 12 weeks pregnant. When people made thoughtless comments I would just say something like,"We are so happy" or "we are really looking forward to this baby".
He was definately an "afterthought" as we had decided 4 was enough, but as I got closer to 40, my biological clock got very loud and I couldn't shake off the desire for another child.It really tested our marriage, but in the end my dh decided to reverse his vasectomy so that we could try again.I was 41 when he was born.
This little boy has been the best thing for our family.I can't explain it, but we just have so much joy in our household.The kids range in age from 18 to 9 and all of them get such a thrill from the baby.They are also very happy,willing helpers. Having a 5th has been great, so good that I'd like another but I'm yet to convince my dh as having 5 was a stretch for him!I am enjoying every minute (well, not EVERY minute!) of having a baby.He is almost one and the year has flown.
Enjoy your pregnancy, don't let any negative comments get to you, you won't be sorry you had another.

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