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Hi i'm new

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soooobroody Fri 24-Jul-09 22:27:50

Hi this is my first post on here . i am married and live in Scotland and have four children ...3 girls 16,8 and 6 and one boy 4 ..I would like more (one day ..not so far off hopefully). I have read a few posts on here today and sounds like i have found some like minded people .


VulpusinaWilfsuit Fri 24-Jul-09 22:37:32

Hello. I only have 3kids but didn't want your very first post to be ignored!

Welcome to MN. Be afraid for your time: you may become addicted very quickly.

madlentileater Fri 24-Jul-09 22:39:05

be very afraid!

bogwobbit Fri 24-Jul-09 22:40:20

Hi. I also have 4 children and live in Scotland. Don't post very much but wanted to say welcome too.
And yes, you probably will become addicted

bronze Sat 25-Jul-09 16:22:29

Hello I'm not from Scotland grin but I do have four. We have stopped there though sad but it's for the best.

cikecaka Sat 25-Jul-09 16:27:19

Hi, I'm from Ireland and have 4, but that is it, can understand the broodiness but I had my tubes tied so definately no more for us sad

Insanitybecomesme Sat 25-Jul-09 20:33:27

Hismile I live in Derby and have four dc who are 9,7,3 and 1 also expecting dc5 in feb which will be our last.

tootsweets Sun 26-Jul-09 17:10:20


From wiltshire. I have 4 dd and would also love a dc5. Just have to persuade dh first! Only joined MN a few weeks ago and am addicted.

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