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ok, so dh is getting his hours cut so have to budget now..

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liahgen Fri 24-Jul-09 13:39:24

I mean properly, with a limit for groceries and weekly stuff like going out for coffee etc.

Tips and how do you lot manage please?

We have 5 dc's, dh earns a good wage but we have large mortgage, and quite alot of outgoings. I try to spend no more than £150 a week on groceries and crap other essentials but admit I do find it hard to stick to.

I know it's possible so how do you do it


Scorps Fri 24-Jul-09 13:45:16

I online shop, so i know i have £x and that's it.

I have a list of direct debits from my bank, so i know exactly what goes out when.

We have pocket money each week for coffees, mags, DH's beer grin, then after that, no more until the following Friday. The left over money goes into an account for emergencies or treats or outings; you never know when the car might break or your washing machine breaks grin

Try a comparison site for gas and electric rates, car insurance rates, etc.

liahgen Fri 24-Jul-09 13:47:51

thanks, Just bought a new (for us, tis 12 yrs old ) car and have instructed dh to shop around rather than carry on with normal insurers

Pocket money is good idea, If I have my card, I don't think anything of spending 6 quid on coffee and muffin

Dh takes care of all other monies like DD's etc I just need to do grocery shopping, that's the total of my involvment in finances,

lambanana Fri 24-Jul-09 14:01:32

We have 3 dc's (so not sure we count as a larger family!) but only one wage.

Online shop with a budget

Mealplan and try to make as many things from scratch

Buy all your clothes in sales

Swap clothes if you can with friends

Take out a set amount of cash for the week and once its gone its gone

bronze Sat 25-Jul-09 16:21:11

use my and shop online
go through your finished shopping and cull at least 5 items.

We have 4 dcs and spend less than half the amount you do

Don't go to places where you'll end up spending money. So if for example you meet up with your friends at the cafe. Go to the park instead and take a flask of coffee with you

Keep receipts of everything (even the tiny stuff) so you can see exactly what you are spending where

GaribaldiGirl Sun 26-Jul-09 12:13:09

a few small things i've done:-
1. doing a menu plan for every day of a week, so i don't buy stuff 'off plan'. i used to end up chucking stuff which i'd bought without thinking through when i was using it.
2. given up fancy breakfast cereals (could get through a whole box in one breakfast) and only buy porridge oats, own brand corn flakes etc.
3. turned the hot water off at all times except when i know it's shower/bath time.
4. given up tumble drying completely - put a clothes drying rack in house.
5. sold all unworn/outgrown clothes on e-bay, it's so easy!
6. using the library instead of buying books/dvds. it's encouraging the children to read and it makes a nice outing.

Pollyanna Sun 26-Jul-09 12:22:18

I am interested in this too.

Bronze what groceries do you buy and what meals do you cook?

We have 5 children too and spend around the same amount as liahgen. We need to reduce our outgoings too as we waste spend far too much

We are going to try the living on cash only method as alot of ours sneaks on the cards (we live in the centre of town) or internet shopping (blush that's me)

Pollyanna Sun 26-Jul-09 12:22:50

oops meant waste

soooobroody Sun 26-Jul-09 14:16:16

I would like to get my head round a meal planner system as every day i open the fridge and think what can i make .... I also have a lot of food waste.... and spend money on loads of silly things that i dont need (mags etc )

cat64 Sun 26-Jul-09 14:53:14

Message withdrawn

liahgen Sun 26-Jul-09 20:59:15


thanks for all the suggestions ladies.

I have no subscriptions or gym memberships, that would be the day.

I think I know where the excess gets frittered, eating out, coffee, mags, (2 quid a shot) buying food that doesn't get eaten, going for milk and getting extras cos they're on offer even though I've done my shopping.

So.. Am gonna take x £'s out and that will do me for the week,

What do you think of buying daily for meals that nigjht, ie, someone mentioned special deals of the day, I think a tenner a day would be more than enough as I would have staples, potatoes, pasta etc. For staples I could do Aldi, Lidl, etc Might give that a try.

We have just bought the whole family bikes so am making concerted effort to not use the car, we live in town centre so can walk to school, park, and such like. We have membership of local Kent life and will cycle there in hols as it's cheap and great fun.

cat I probably go for a coffee with friends 2/3 times a week when we've dropped off at school, blush Maybe we could do it at each others homes instead, get nice coffee in and a few biccys, take turns. Dh reckons i spend £1000 a year on coffee, that's really shocking. ?He doesn't mind but I should do my bit.

Ok, am inspired now.

Well i've got lots to think about, thanks ladies

cat64 Mon 27-Jul-09 11:50:48

Message withdrawn

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