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Am I mad will I ever not be broody?

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benandoli Mon 22-Jun-09 17:36:11

So we have 3 children ds1 (6), ds2 (3) and dd1 (8months). They are lovely but at times I could scream. I also work 2 days a week as a teacher. You would think that would be enough, but I am so broody! Part of the reason is that ds1 and ds2 dote on dd1 and I love seeing the sibling relationships develop (I am an only child). I am so broody and desperate for dc4. Am I mad? Will I always be broody and just have to come to terms with it or should we go for dd4? Also is it too close to dd1?

benandoli Mon 22-Jun-09 17:36:56

Sorry meant to say dc4 as I really dont mind a girl or a boy!

mrsdisorganised Mon 22-Jun-09 17:41:39

No you are not mad, I think alot of women feel that way. I have been broody since I was about 14, had my first baby with DH at 21 and now pg with #5 who will be our last at 29! I am terrified of the years of broodiness and know that if medical reasons had not intervened I may well have gone on to have morehmm. Having said that there are also many who just 'know' when their family is complete! Sorry not much help but good luck in what you choosesmile

4andnotout Mon 22-Jun-09 17:43:15

I think every parent has days when they on't could scream, i certainly do yet im broody for a number 5 grin

There is 13 months between dd3 (21mo) and dd4(8mo) and it has been the best gap so far, im hoping there will only be a smallish gap between dd4 and the next.

I'm hoping that one day it will 'click' and i'll know that i don't want anymore, dp thinks up o 6 will be enough.

mrsdisorganised Mon 22-Jun-09 17:45:07

Oooh 4andnotout, possiblity of 6! Lucky you, good luck.

KEAWYED Mon 22-Jun-09 17:45:12

I have 3ds of 5, 2 and 6 weeks and id have another in a heartbeat though my husband doesn't feel the same.

I know my youngest is very young and i am envious of my friends who definately don't want anymore.

I know I don't want anymore than 4 but what happens if that yearning doesn't go away.

4andnotout Mon 22-Jun-09 17:48:28

Mrsdisorganised-it's strange but we both said we didn't feel we wanted 7 yet 6 seems perfectly fine hmm grin

Dp's family who wanted us to terminate dd4 as we have too many apparently will probably not like our decision grin

mrsdisorganised Mon 22-Jun-09 17:53:02

Always the best support from familieshmm, we were always happy with idea of 4....5 is due in octobergrin

merlinthehappypig Mon 22-Jun-09 17:53:40

I have 2 dc's and am broody for more but reason tells me no. I have to decide whether to start trying for another soon though as my ds is 2 1/2 and I wouldn't want there to be too much of an age gap.

I also have friends who "know" that they don't want any more. I don't feel this so it makes me worry that if I don't have any more I'll regret it when it's too late.

My dh would have me popping a baby out every year if he had his way so he's no use in helping me make a sensible decision.

whereeverIlaymyhat Mon 22-Jun-09 19:36:52

I'd enjoy DD1 for a bit, don't rush into it give her a chance to enjoy being spoilt plus if you go for 4 and that's your lot then it's all over ...... drag it out a bit more grin

Janus Mon 22-Jun-09 20:43:42

ben, I could have written your post! I have 3 and swing on a daily basis from wanting one last one to not. I have to say my heart says yes and my practical side says no. I worry that I will not have enough time for the other children if I go on to have another as I can see how number 3 has impacted but, as you say, I love their doting on number 3 but do sometimes feel sorry for the first 2! My big factor is dp works away for nearly all the week and sometimes this goes into weekends. I have no family living within several hundred miles so it is mostly me doing it all and I'm not sure if I can throw number 4 into this mix! Is your partner/husband a good help and do you have family around, if so go for it!
This is so bizarre, my dp has just rung in the middle of me posting this and we have just had a major talk about it and seems like we may try for one more!
Keep us posted what you do!

mulranno Tue 23-Jun-09 18:34:43

Just keep your options open. I was desperate for no 4... but first 3 were very close together (3 under3) and it was hard work...but we went for it and it has been wonderful the big ones get so mch from her and also have to get on and be independent. I "knew" I didnt want any more whilst pregnant...but for 3-4 months after the birth I fantasised about a 5th...?...but time went on and I put it down to post preg hormones. Youngest has just turned 3 and I had a preg scare recently...thought it would be the worst thing ever to happen to me...when it did not transpire I was gutted..!! none of this is very rational

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