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mini-buses or car with loads of seats - what suggestions?

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rainbowdays Wed 27-May-09 20:58:22

I am currently pg with #4 but car-share long trips to school with a neighbour. She has 3dc and from september two of them will be at same school as my oldest dc's. So I need a 7 seater minimum, but possibly need to give lift to another child too. So ideally need an 8 seater..... I take it this is where I need to move into the minibus realm?

At the moment I have a mulitplahmm, so it would suit our family to stick with what we have, but then would not be able to share the travelling to and from school each day. We live in a rural area, so no other options other than car to get to school.

So what suggestions for minibus or other, do you wonderful ladies have?

thisisyesterday Wed 27-May-09 21:01:11

lol you're very generous thinking of buying a new car just so you can help neighbours and car-share!!!

i know someone with a VW caravelle which is rather nice

silverfrog Wed 27-May-09 21:01:52

mercedes Viano (I have one, and it's great)

VW caravelle/transporter?

renault Trafic

merc Vito (although not seen many of these as "cars" rather than vans iyswim

I'm sure there's a few others as well, will have a think

mumtoxii Thu 28-May-09 19:25:07

I have twelve children and have a Landrover!!! Luckily the eldest is at uni, or we have to take two cars if we all want to go out. Could not face the idea of a minibus somehow.

Pollyanna Thu 28-May-09 19:29:54

I think we are going to get a caravelle or transporter.

tots2ten Sat 30-May-09 11:56:39

I have been looking into the citroen c8 peugeot 806 and fiat (8 seater) will need one from november.

mrsdisorganised Sun 31-May-09 10:45:45

Hi Rainbow!

We have a LWB VW transporter, 9 seater, I love it! I have 4 dc's and pg with #5 also have younger sisters which I also take to various clubs etc so to me it is the best vehicle. We got a LWB (wasn't keen!) and now i'm glad we did as the boot space is wonderful.

miniandme Sun 31-May-09 16:26:14

We have a 9 seater tranist minibus ,it does have space for 14 seats but theback lot have been removed so we only have 9 and a huge boot space,enough so that the twins double buggy can stay upright as well as adding in shopping and whatever else.
We have ds1 13yrs,ds2 11yrs,dd1 6 yrs and dts 17 mths so 2 car seats and a high back booster in too.This is ideal for us as theres no worries about what we can anc cant take on holiday with us and also on days out to the park etc we can fold the buggy and add in the older kids bikes too.

BONKERZ Sun 31-May-09 17:06:50

fiat ulysses come in 8 seaters (we have one!) you have the option to take the 3 midlle seats out so can make it suit you!

tots2ten Sun 31-May-09 17:36:16

bonkerz, what is the space in the boot like with all the seats in? (sorry for the hijack)

BONKERZ Sun 31-May-09 17:53:27

i could fit a double buggy in boot but had to close door quick! LOL

tots2ten Sun 31-May-09 20:01:53

Thanks grin i have a sharan at the moment and can only fit the buggy in with all the seats moved forward.

Shoshe Sun 31-May-09 20:07:35

I have a 8 eater Mazda Bongo, and can get a double, singlebuggy and a potty grin i the boot.

as A CM, the best car I have ever had.

idobelieveinfairies Fri 12-Jun-09 20:11:22

We have a Toyota Previa 8 seater...great boot space too!

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