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from 3 to 4: How are you doing?

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Zola78 Thu 23-Apr-09 15:05:27

I'm expecting my 4th and noticed that there were a number of people also expecting their fourth. I'm just wondering how everyone is getting on?

I'm only 15 weeks and shattered. Does it get any better??? Or worse then better?

Diege Thu 23-Apr-09 15:55:22

Worse wink. I am 31 weeks with no.4 and feeling the tiredness and general aches and pains of pregnancy a lot more this time if I'm honest. I'm sure others expecting no.4 feel differently though, so don't want to paint too bleak a picture of what's ahead grin

Zola78 Thu 23-Apr-09 16:06:25

How old are your other children, Diege? Mine are 4, 3, & 1. The one year old still wakes in the night and I'm just about ready to give him up, lol!!!! But I feel like this has been my worst pregnancy to date. Lots more children to look after and no more help!!

gardeningmum05 Thu 23-Apr-09 16:20:22

sorry, its worse when the 4th is born, bloody tiring then.
my youngest is 15 months and its just starting to get abit easier.
on the bright side, i lost my baby weight quick because you never stop for a minute grin

Diege Thu 23-Apr-09 16:39:01

Hi Zola, dd1 is 7, dd2 6 and dd3 3. Older 2 are relatively 'easy', but no.3 quite a handful at the moment. Luckily get a 'rest' at work, but really looking forward to start of maternity leave as travel is a killer! Must be very hard with a one year old! Do you think this will be your last?
I can imagine GARDENING is right about no.4 being tiring work, but can't be worse than being heavily pregnant with 3 littlies surely??!! I'm personally dreading the afterpains this time round...

gardeningmum05 Thu 23-Apr-09 17:20:34

sorry, did not mean to put a dampener on it. 4 children is extremely rewarding. i love meal times in particular, all sitting round the table, its never a quiet table grin thats for sure.
my best advise if you want it is to try and get the younger ones in bed early, gives you quality time with the older children, and a glass of wine of course wink
also try and get yourself a couple of hours to yourself each wee, you need and deserve it. get your partner to take them out for an afternoon, and get some me time..really perks you up grin
hope the birth goes ok, my last birth was half an hour from 1st pain to having him, so be warned grin

gardeningmum05 Thu 23-Apr-09 17:21:29

week, not wee. really need to read through before posting blush

bratnav Thu 23-Apr-09 17:27:30

This is my 3rd DC, but we also have DSD every other week, does that count?

I am 20 weeks and EXHAUSTED. I am achey and actually very grumpy, oh and enormous. I am looking forward to having the baby so I get some rest. DDs and DSD will be 7,6 and 5 when this LO turns up, so I am hoping for a small amount of help from them.

DH is fab and helps lots, but actually I need a masseuse to come and move in for a while grin

gardeningmum05 Thu 23-Apr-09 17:30:27

blimey, 5 of them, what fun grin

Zola78 Thu 23-Apr-09 18:09:00

I know what you mean, Diege. My afterpains after my 3rd were tear worthy. I am getting to grips with another little one. What I'm not looking forward to is the nights. The baby will be born in the dreaded winter months when everyone has a cold and at some point in a week everyone is up. Plus breastfeeding a new born. ARGh! I keep thinking enjoy each day but if I can just make it to next year october with everyone happy what a blessing!

Diege Thu 23-Apr-09 18:36:54

grin We'll be OK! THis time next year it will all be a distant memory hmm

rosyleecupoftea Fri 24-Apr-09 15:49:28

Hi. I'm also expecting no4. My other 3 are 8,6 and 3 (will be 4 in July). I'm not feeling too bad now that the sickness has all come to an end. I'm 29 weeks now, due on the 8th July.

Do after pains get worse the more children you have? Its not something I've really thought about. I think I'm in denial about the realities of having 4 - have tried not to think about the sleepless nights etc!! Will probably get a shock in July.

Gardeningmum did you end up having him at home? I'm sort of thinking of having a home birth as I think it may be quick. Having completely made up my mind yet though.

bronze Sun 26-Apr-09 09:44:47

I had my 4th on 15th.

Mostly its going well. The others adore him, hes a very chilled out baby, I get a reasonable amount of sleep and I know it'll be ok.

I am struggling a little with huge chunks of the day taken up feeding but I'm hoping that will settle (also hoping people will tell me on the other thread it will)

I have ds1 just turned 6
ds2 4yrs 4 mths
dd 2yrs 8mths and
ds3 11 days old

Diege Sun 26-Apr-09 10:50:13

Congratulations BRONZE! Sounds like you are coping admirably smile. How do you feel in yourself?
ROSY, I think I am dreading the afterpains with no.4 as they were so bad with no.3. I've heard they get worse with each birth, which was certainly the case with me. I've heard tramadol is the stuff to get if your gp with oblige with a pre-birth prescription!

bronze Sun 26-Apr-09 11:25:20

thanks Diege. I feel ok. I'm prone to crying if I look at him too long. Hes beautiful and definitely my pfb (fourth that is) but apart from that I think I'm doing ok considering.

I found the afterpains were worse but they didn't go on for so long. I have also had a lot less bleeding but I'm not sure how much of all that to put down to the fact I chose to have a physiological final stage. I managed with paracetemol and codeine this time (though it did bung me up blush which wasn't so great.

rosyleecupoftea Mon 27-Apr-09 14:43:35

Congrats bronze. Wow, I'm still in awe of people with 4 children and then I remember that in 10 weeks that will be me!!

Sorry for being thick but what does pfb stand for?

I have felt knackered over the weekend after thinking that I felt fine last week. We live in a 3 storey house and getting right to the top nearly kills me!! Have to sit down for 5 minutes to recover.

Must get on with ironing - have been v lazy today and done bugger all.

Zola78 Mon 27-Apr-09 19:12:03

I know what you mean Rosy. I had a busy weekend and have just about manged to converse with the childrn. It's bedtime soon. I hope to be a better mum tomorrow.

With my 4th my concerns are for my eldest two. I love being with them and talking etc. I'm afraid I'm gonna miss out on them. The 3rd is still a baby!!! I know it will be fine eventually I just can't see how!!!

bronze Tue 28-Apr-09 09:53:25

It will be fine! grin Especially as things settle down

rosy pfb is normally precious first born but I was never precious with him so I'm using the f to equal fourth now

Nemoandthefishes Tue 28-Apr-09 09:58:16

32wks with no.4 here and absolutely shattered although that isnt helped by the fact my 2.3yr old has fractured her thigh and weighs a ton. I am also off to see consultant in a minute as dd3 is breech ..tis all fun..honest!!
My other DC are 5.6yrs,3.3yrs and 2.3yrs

mulranno Fri 01-May-09 12:55:45

My 4th preganacy was hard work...but I think it was because I was older (38) had been 34 with the no3...was fine when she was born...she and I slept together in a room away from husband and other children which woorked well for the first few weeks...he left me to get on with the new born and he got on with the other 3

MoshiMoshi Sun 03-May-09 01:13:54

My fourth DC arrived on 22nd and it has been a busy time with all the breastfeeding! My DC are 6,4 and 2 so I had almost forgotten how much time it takes for a feed in these early days. Hoping it gets faster so the school run for DS is not too stressful. DD2 starts school in September so everything is crossed that sleeping as well as feeding is well under control by then! Somebody please tell me it is possible.. Otherwise, it is lovely having another DC! But I think this is our last...
<thoughts of skiing, horse riding, triathlons, diving return...>

MoshiMoshi Sun 03-May-09 01:15:46

Oops, should say DD1 starts school in Sept. DD2 will be mummy's little helper come autumn term!

cherrymonster Thu 07-May-09 00:01:43

you all sound like your doing very well. i have four dc's, two boys aged 10 and (almost)8, and two girls aged 4 and 3. being pregnant with dd2 was the worst ever, there are 11 1/2 months between dd1 and dd2, dd1 was4 months when i found out i was pg with dd2. the pregnancy was horrible, i had severe spd and was on crutches from 22 weeks. all the while, worrying that i would go into prem labour (did with dd1 at 26 weeks but hosp stopped the labour and she was born at 38 weeks). but still, they are growing up fast now, dd1 starts school this sept and dd2 next sept. wouldnt be without any of them. (am single parent too so double amount of work) i love my four children to bits and they are all amazing, special little people. hope it goes well for you all xx

rainbowdays Sat 16-May-09 15:03:10

I have just got positive tests letting me know that I am pregnant with number 4. I was wondering how all the 3 to 4-ers are doing now?

sweetkitty Fri 29-May-09 21:11:03

Am lurking on here as thinking about number 4 ........

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