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Ok ...afterpains...this is worrying me more than actually giving birth to no.4. What can I do besides cry?

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sorkycake Mon 17-Nov-08 21:41:59

they were rather painful whilst breastfeeding no.3 and I'm aware they get worse with each birth, but what can I do to help me cope?

LackaDAISYcal Mon 17-Nov-08 21:44:21

they might surprise you. I have just had DC3, and have barely felt anything. I was expecting much worse as they were horrendous after I had my DD who was DC2.

sorkycake Mon 17-Nov-08 21:54:21

ooh really?
you wouldn't lie would you? You didn't till have an epidural up did you? <suspicious>

They hurt soooo much with dc3 and I honestly though they got worse...but maybe not...woohoo!

squeakypop Mon 17-Nov-08 21:56:44

Take paracetamol regularly - they do respond.

Try not to give birth to #5 in an American hospital where it takes four hours to get paracetamol from the pharmacy, or if you do, smuggle your own in.

expatinscotland Mon 17-Nov-08 21:57:56

a fortnight on after no. 3 and i'm still having to take paracetemol, although less and less.


LackaDAISYcal Mon 17-Nov-08 22:02:26

maybe it was the pain from the feck off piles taking my mind off the afterpains wink

I was taking painkillers for the piles and my stitches so maybe that just took the edge off things?

expatinscotland Mon 17-Nov-08 22:11:09

my stitches itch.

i hates that.

i got Xyloproct for the piles. it rox!

Scotia Mon 17-Nov-08 22:12:20

I din't get afterpains after my 4th or my 5th. You might not get them this time either. Fingers crossed

expatinscotland Mon 17-Nov-08 22:13:11

there ain't gonna be a 4th or 5th for me to find out .

i'm going to scuttle back over to Paisley and get on that table and spread-em one more time for them to sterilise me .

psychomum5 Mon 17-Nov-08 22:19:20

mine got worse each time....I am not going to lie as I was lied to and I was not impressed.

with DD1, nothing

DD2 - paracetomol

DD3 - co-codomol and hot water bottles

DS1 - very strong pain relief needed (I was being sick with the pain), plus hot water bottle and a tens machine (which helped *immensly).

DS2 - I was on stronger pain releif than that given to the CS mums, and still was passing out with the pain, but then, I had retained placenta which they missed and the MW was so very rude, telling me "well, what do you expect, it is your fifth!"...she was very unsympathetic (altho sh apologised LOTS when I was readmitted and needed several D&Cs to get me sorted!).

anyway.....what I am trying to say......yes, they do normally get worse, but if you ensure you have adequate pain relief set up you should manage. and if poss, get a tens machine, as if I evere had anymore, that would be my first purchase.

Scotia Mon 17-Nov-08 22:22:21

Lol expat

My 6th is due in 8 weeks.

sweetkitty Mon 17-Nov-08 22:27:55

Nothing with DD1 or 2 but DD3 shot out so fast I think my body was playing catch up.

I wanted a natural third stage, the baby given to me wrapped up and the cord cut and placenta delivered when I was ready. Then the afterpains kicked in and I thought I was going through labour again, it was horrendous and ruined those first cuddles with my new baby I could even hold her I was crying in pain. Had to have some heavy duty cocodamol.

systemsaddict Mon 17-Nov-08 22:39:41

I was v. scared of afterpains with no. 2 and my lovely midwife gave me Voltarol suppository immediately after the birth and sent me home from hosp with co-dydramol. V. excellent pain relief, highly recommend! esp. the voltarol.

sorkycake Mon 17-Nov-08 22:45:36


tens machine and co-dydramol...gotcha.

Would my GP prescribe that before the birth do you think? Or can you buy it over the counter?
Can you b'feed with string pain killers?

I'll be honest I'd shove anything up my arse if it stopped the pains I had last time.

CarGirl Mon 17-Nov-08 22:48:06

With Dc2 the after pains were far worse than with DC3 & DC4 but DC2 was my largest??? I second voltarol, keep taking the paracetamol & I think I took ibuprofen as well.

psychomum5 Mon 17-Nov-08 22:49:48

sorky, my GP prescribed for me, so that I was not dependent on the MW's (I was lucky enough each time to be allowed to stay in hospital for a few days, until the afterpains resquest as I cannot have people round me when I am in pain, especially my children), and could self medicate.

breastfeeding was fine.....TBH, it never occured to me to wonder on the risks of the meds going thro to the was that or just not BF as it was the feeding that caused the most pain. I figured the baby needed BF more than I needed to worry about the meds going thro the milk IYGWIM.

sorkycake Mon 17-Nov-08 22:49:56

how does one get hold of voltarol?

lou33 Mon 17-Nov-08 22:51:06

i can't lie, the afterbirth pain with my 4th was like nothing on earth

CarGirl Mon 17-Nov-08 22:51:12

refused to leave the hospital without some grin just explained how last time that I had been screaming in pain because of them and they appeared.

sorkycake Mon 17-Nov-08 22:55:14

hmm I'll be at home, but I will have a pool.

I wonder if the after pains could be lessened as contractions are by being in the water? <hopeful>

CarGirl Mon 17-Nov-08 22:56:05

Ask your gp for a pescription before you have the baby, I think that is what I did for one of the births (they all blur a bit!)

lljkk Tue 18-Nov-08 21:34:22

Co-codamol!! Get your GP to prescribe it when you're about 34 weeks. Heck, CAT me and I could send you some for free (well, I would be happy to, but I expect I'm breaking a law if I do). I have loads leftover.

Afterpains for DC3 were killer, but I got co-codomal for baby 4, only needed it for a few days, at half the dosage GP prescribed, and the pain was only just noticeable.

Nemowith3and1tobe Sun 23-Nov-08 11:55:51

oh god had forgotten about afterpains. dd2 had me in tears they were so harsh and took my breath away. Not looking forward to them this time.

GreenMonkies Sun 23-Nov-08 12:05:17

I demanded diclofenac from my GP for my afterpains with DD2, they were far, far worse than anything I felt during labour, they kept me up at night and reduced me to tears, I don't "do" pain, so I made him give me super-dooper pain killers!! I onlyneeded them for about 10 days, after that the odd ibuprofen was enough!

jade1978 Mon 24-Nov-08 14:33:39

Mine were excrutiating after no. 4 I couldn't get any pain relief either as gave birth on a sat night at home, all the midwives would give me is paracetomal but that didn't touch the pain. This time I will definately try and get some decent pain relief in advance

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