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NITS!!! The joys of 6 kids!

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NotanOtterOHappyDay Sat 15-Nov-08 22:00:26

Could not find the nit comb....very un mumsnet just zapped them with a treatment ( you may commend my forward planning wink) and sent them to bed

tomorrow it will be the big - 'comb - in'

The joys of six heads!

sweetkitty Sat 15-Nov-08 22:03:21


I dread it happening here

CarGirl Sat 15-Nov-08 22:03:28

<<shudder>> it's bad enough with 4 girls who've all got lots & lots of long hair, tis a nightmare.

NotanOtterOHappyDay Sat 15-Nov-08 22:09:16

luckily - only one girl but 3 of boy s have long hair

it took 3 bottles of treatment!! Bloody costly too...

idobelieveinghosts Mon 17-Nov-08 13:50:33

It is the biggest nightmare here too......when i find one in the first head of hair check i could cry...the dread of whats to come!!! i have just the 2 girls and 6 boys..and the girls have never been the problem..its the twins that keep bringing them back!

tartanchatterbox Sun 07-Dec-08 14:39:41

I have 4 kids, and at £10 per bottle it can get very expensive. So far I would have spent £60 this year as no#3 girl keeps bringing them home!

psychohohohoho Sun 07-Dec-08 14:46:06

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo pleased that the elder girls are now at secondary school and hormonal.

their hair smells almost constantly of 'baby sick', and for some reason the nits seem to find it offensive.....they have had nits maybe twice each since starting secondary and both times were when I was in hospital and so they slept all intogether with DD3 (for comfort), and cuaght it from her.

she has long hair and has times of being constantly covered<<sigh>>

altho..............she is now also smelling a bit sicky, and since september, we have had maybe 5 large nits (altogether) found in her hair.

I do also use alberto balsam mint and tea tree shampoo/conditioner.....whether that helps too I don;t know.

the boys came home with it last week.........that is always the cue for a barber visit!

blushingm Sun 07-Dec-08 14:49:36

try the vosene 3 in 1 shampoo - shampoo and conditioner plus headlice repellent.....ds hasn't brought home any uninvited guests since i started using it

NotanOtter Sun 07-Dec-08 22:21:15

tartan - can you just ask a chemist?

2littlemonkeys Thu 08-Jan-09 11:21:54

blushingm, i have got that. I also got the spray in aswell they where on offer 2 for £4, and so far nothing. x

expectingnumber5 Thu 08-Jan-09 14:43:26

Here in Scotland you register with a community pharmacy under the 'minor ailments' scheme and you can get all sorts of stuff free of charge from pharmacy. Inc. paracetamol, head lice treatments, hay fever remedies, cough medicine, etc.

Not sure if it's available in England?

dsrplus8 Thu 08-Jan-09 15:04:56

oh the joys ! have stockpile of anti-nit gear, robi-comb, hedrin,nitty-gritty(£6 from chemists direct)tea tree oil(add to shampoo/conditioner).just chucked out the lyclear cause its shite. get yourself some nitty gritty combs and cheepy conditioner, teach the older kids to do the younger ones...sunday its like the monkey house in the zoo here,...we all sit about checking for fleas nits. gringreat family entertainment if you let the kids shove them under the microscope, extra pocket money for who catches the most! lol

cikecaka Thu 08-Jan-09 15:11:02

It is so much of routine in our house that they get checked every time their hair is washed, I call for the comb and toilet roll that dd3 who is 2 next month came down from her bath last night and called for the comb and the toy-let roll as she was brought into the sitting room. pmsl grin

sooey76 Tue 25-Aug-09 14:03:09

I believe if you take a nit to the chemist you can get it free - but the embarrassment!

Mybox Sun 30-Aug-09 14:25:26

Kids comb their hair everyday after school & I look through. It's a nightmare when they get nits & other parents just don't care.

Wellywearer Wed 02-Sep-09 23:38:48

lol we have the Sunday night grooming session as well - love the nitty gritty - hate hedrin makes the girls hair greasy slick next day, then dry and tanggly afterwards.

I buy wide streatchy head bands in bulk when I see them - good that they are fashionable at the moment.

NotanOtter Wed 02-Sep-09 23:42:33

this has been a good reminder to me to stockpile some treatment now the dcs are back

cheesesarnie Wed 02-Sep-09 23:49:15

can i take my hat off to you all- i only have 3 dc.3 heads to treat is nothing compared to 6!!!!i bow down to yougrin

whoingodsnameami Wed 02-Sep-09 23:50:19

Rinse thier hair in white vinega, add one tablespoon to a litre of water, just be careful of getting it in thier eyes, it will keep them at bay and the hair does not smell of vinega once dry.

NotanOtter Wed 02-Sep-09 23:56:20

oooh thanks for the tips

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