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If you are a miserable bitch when pregnant - and I am

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KatieDD Mon 03-Nov-08 18:49:16

How do the older ones cope ? Or what can I do to stop myself being a fruit loop whilst pregnant & first 6 months ?
I keep thinking of reasons not to have a baby and this is quite a good one, my eldest will be year 5 too, very very important year for her so am trying to time it right and not be wondering around in my nighty at 3pm like i was last time but she was too young to notice.

PeachyFizzesLikeADampSquibb Mon 03-Nov-08 18:55:34

Well you have to get your arse into gear a bit I think, I certanly did (ds1 was in year3) but tbh an awfl lot of whnging can be done dressed on the school run, and yu can claim an awful lot in sympathy from dh/dp and older kids too.

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