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fourth pregnancy absolute nightmare

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reban Sat 04-Oct-08 14:24:06

Hi im 29 weeks pregnant with my fourth and after three relatively straightforward pregnancies this was has been a nightmare from the start. Most recent development is concern for baby's size .. currently just about 10th centile on growth charts and we have had growth scans at 20 weeks, 24 weeks, 28 weeks, got another one on tuesday specifically to measure fluid level and then another growth scan a week later. Anyway my normal weight gain for this stage in pregnancy is about 1 1/2 stone. So far in this one ive put on 13 pounds but when i weighed myself this morning ive lost one pound. Now i wouldnt usually be bothered by such a small weight loss but with everything else do you think i need to be concerned? Asking this question in large families section in case anyone else has experienced this with fourth or subsequent pregnancy?

MrsMatryoshka Sat 04-Oct-08 19:27:53

Hi ,I'm not sure of it is anything to really worry about but I am bumping for you in case anyone around this evening has any wise words for you.
Congratulations BTW .

lulumama Sat 04-Oct-08 19:29:25

have you had a scan to specifically check blood flow to the placenta ? how is your BP ? and what is your fundal height like in relation to how many weeks you are?

have you had bad sickness this time?

sorry you are having a hard time

reban Sat 04-Oct-08 19:43:19

hi im fairly sure that they did check blood flow to placenta at one of the scans i already have but i will mention at my tuesday scan. My blood pressure is fine .. luckily it is one of those things ive never had any problems with. Have not had my fundal height done as first time mw would do it would be 28 weeks and im presuming they didnt measure at the hospital on tues as they were relying on the scan measurements, but again i will check next tuesday.

Not had bad morning sickness as im not really a vomitting sort of person. But from day 1 (or about 5 days before missed period) i have felt terrible .. they diagnosed a dermoird cyst on my right ovary at EPU, all hormonal symptons much much worse then i have experienced before as has the tiredness and the worry.

Thing is i just dont know if im being a bit silly getting worked up over a pound weight loss .. because when i write it down it does sound silly but when baby is already showing as small will a pound off make a difference?

lulumama Sat 04-Oct-08 20:08:17

you won;t have lost a pound in weight off the baby...

so this baby is showing smaller, but some babies have to be smaller, as some are bigger, that is the only way there can be an average

and of course there is room for error in scanning

you must discuss your concerns with your Mw at your next appointment and get the reassuracne from the professionals

hope all is well for you smile

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