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Spares for Tandem pushchair (Graco Stadium) Where from?

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alysonpeaches Mon 04-Aug-08 16:42:05

I couldnt find a more appropriate place for this, so here goes. Ive got a Graco stadium tandem pushchair from freecycle. It needs a new hood for the toddler section (this is the one that just slots in). Also the front seat is very worn and I wondered if I could replace it?

Also, if you have one of these prams, what do the instructions say about removing the seats to clean them? What is the folded section under the back seat for?

CarGirl Mon 04-Aug-08 16:45:01

I would be tempted to say go to local car boots/look on ebay and try and pick one up cheaply and salvage the best parts from both!

Have you looked on the graco site for instructions - they are mainly american models so they are called different things but should find something similar.

I used to folded section by undoing it and velcroing it up to put my newborn it - not sure if you're meant to though.

CarGirl Mon 04-Aug-08 16:46:22 Customer services tel: 0870 909 0501

alysonpeaches Mon 04-Aug-08 18:51:50

Thank you.

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