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whats the age gap for letting babies sleep in the same room??

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Clarabumps Sat 26-Jul-08 10:56:36

I have a two bed house and am expecting in feb, I already have a son and the age gap will be 19 months. Ds occassionally wakes around 5am and has a wee shout then goes back to sleep. I am just wondering about sleeping arrangements when the new baby arrives as it will be in with us for a few months, then is it possible to put two babies under two in the same room and expect them not to keep each other up through the night.

My dp is talking of letting them have the bedrooms and making us some kind of folding bed from the wall contraption. (?!) Am i better to get them used to sleeping in the same room from early on or am I better just to keep them apart for the first few years then put them together. We cant afford to move house and there is no room for an extension- and my friends and family keep banging on about where i'm going to "shoehorn all these kids in" ( hardly a football squad but they do stick their noses in!)

Thanks for your help..

bergentulip Sat 26-Jul-08 11:10:33

We have both in same room. Age gap is 2.7yrs.

There were issues at first trying to get DS2 into a routine, and DS1 wanting to read stories and sing to himself, thought perhaps we had done the wrong thing and bad habits were forming with the baby.

But, solution now is. Has worked brilliantly for the last 6mths or so. DS2 gets put to bed at 6.30 after they've both bathed together. Quiet blackouted room, left alone to get into deep sleep.
DS1 has his big boy treat, has his stories in our bed, and is allowed to fall asleep in our bed, then one of us moves him about 30mins-1hr later once he's asleep. So, then both in their room, both sleep til morning.

When the baby screams in the night, it bothers DS1 not one jot, he sleeps through it, and in the morning can often carry on sleeping too. Only issue would be when DS1 is awake first and then proceeds to play and make noise, which inevitably wakes his brother up.

It works well though for us.

Psychomum5 Sat 26-Jul-08 11:13:41

all of mine have shared bedrooms and yes they can play up at times, but they hate not to share now!

I have never put them in together from birth tho, as I always kept baby in with us until I stopped breastfeeding, so they normally went into a siblings room from 8mths onwards.

Psychomum5 Sat 26-Jul-08 11:18:15

h, and as for waking each other up, it has never happened once they are actually sleeping.

I have had DD3 in with her two brothers, throwing up everywhere, and they both slept thro.

It may just be my kiddies, but they would sleep thro a hurricane so there is no way crying,screaming or being sick would disturb them.

also, if they are used to sharing from early, they are so used to each other it is rare for them to disturb each other.

Clarabumps Sat 26-Jul-08 18:43:29

Thanks thats great- will see how they go when the new arrival gets here. I just dont want to separate them only to have to integrate them later on and cause myself problems...argh! so many things to consider!!

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