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maternity experience for parents of multiples, perhaps better suited to "non first time mothers"?

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SimpleAsABC Thu 03-Jul-08 21:24:16

Hi, not really sure where to post this, so my apologies if you have read it on another thread.

I'm really keen to get into maternity nannying. At present I nanny for a four and five year old but in the past have nannied for twins who were six months at the time until they were one. Added to this I have lots of hand on experience of newborns through weekend work and babysitting (which I could provide references for).

There is a course to become an accredited Maternity nurse but unfortunately they tend not to offer the course to anyone without a certain amount of experience.

Previously I read on here of parents who were more experienced ie not the first child or even first time parents who were looking more for an extra pair of hands when their newborn came along, rather than a Maternity Nurse.

I was thinking of doing it for a very low rate, ie minimum wage per hour, as I am so keen to gain the experience.

Is there anyone out there who would consider help like this? I'd also really like to hear from anyone who can think of any alternatives in terms of gaining experience.

I'm a 21year old University student who has completed an NC, HNC and is now undertaking a BA in Childhood Studies.


lulumama Thu 03-Jul-08 21:25:08

please stop posting this all over the board! seen it 4 times now.. post in teh childminder/nannies/ au pairs section once, and get your otehr threads deleted by using the red exclamation button.

SimpleAsABC Thu 03-Jul-08 22:59:51

Lulu mama i've just responded to your other post. With an explanation of why I'd posted several times.

I'm sorry if it's bothered you and I did apologise, in advance in the original post.


lulumama Fri 04-Jul-08 10:56:50

doesn't bother be ! just makes it easier if you have one post in one place and you can keep bum ping one thread rather than lots. i hope you get sorted smile

SimpleAsABC Sun 06-Jul-08 19:31:29

bumping lots may be worth it though if I manage to reach a wider audience!

so far I've had a few responses from people who weren't specifically looking but would consider it due to lower rates.

fingers crossed.

SimpleAsABC Fri 01-Aug-08 12:55:11


Now available immediately, any location, wages negotiable.

Please respond via mumsnet in first instance.

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