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How many children qualifies as a large family then?

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hunkermunker Sat 28-Jun-08 12:10:44

Have seen three mentioned a few times on here, which isn't a large family, surely?

NormaStanleyFletcher Sat 28-Jun-08 12:11:58

Three certainly feels big enough to me grin

Miaou Sat 28-Jun-08 12:12:01

hiya hunk - personally I would say four or more wink

SqueakyPop Sat 28-Jun-08 12:14:33

I would say four or more, as it usually means a bigger car and pressure on bedrooms.

hunkermunker Sat 28-Jun-08 12:25:53

Yep, I reckon it's four too - DH always says he doesn't want more than three (not even sure he'll be OK with three - but DS1 wants a new baby - DS2 went into a bed last night (perfectly fine, loves it - woohoo!) and DS1 had the cot in his room. It'll be disassembled today, but DS1 says it's there so the new baby can sleep in his room with him, which he'd love,apparently...!).

But four means you need a mahoosive car.

I guess three means two cabins on a ferry though...!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sat 28-Jun-08 12:28:10

I'd say four. As 2 is seen as 'normal/average' and three seems to be becoming more popular/common. There is some reasoning on my behalf somewhere there blush

Miaou Sat 28-Jun-08 13:21:34

Nah, don't need a mahoosive car. We have a Volvo Estate with two seats in the back. We managed to go away for the weekend with all six of us in the car and our luggage, perfectly doable. Unless of course you think a Volvo Estate is "mahoosive" (I'm assuming you are thinking of people carrier type things).

Tbh, once you've had three, you might as well have another one ... grin wink

SqueakyPop Sat 28-Jun-08 13:23:38

Would older children like to sit in the boot?

Miaou Sat 28-Jun-08 13:48:24

they love it, squeaky pup (they are 9 and 11).

Wisknit Sun 29-Jun-08 09:10:21

I am one of 3 so that to me seems the norm.
I would say 4 counts as larger

MindingMum Sun 29-Jun-08 09:46:46

When DC5 was born I felt like we had a big family but now he's 5 and it doesn't seem that big at all, maybe it's just I'm de-sensitised to it?

I always think of a large family as 6 DC's +

cupsoftea Sun 29-Jun-08 09:57:27

four or more

juuule Sun 29-Jun-08 11:00:02

1-3 small
4-5 medium
6-9 large
10+ V. large

4andnotout Sun 29-Jun-08 11:17:10

Im pg with dd4 and when people ask how many i have they are always shocked that she probably wont be the last!
Regarding the huge car we are now inheriting from my parents a hijet which is a tiny car but has 6 seats, its very economical as its only 1000cc! Its easily recognised too as its silver with pink butterflies and stars all over it grin

TsarChasm Sun 29-Jun-08 11:19:44

Three feels big to me too...mind you if one or two are elsewhere I hardly notice the one or two that are with me.

I guess mums with more than three feel like that on the occasions when they 'only' have three in the house. It's all relative I guess.

nkf Sun 29-Jun-08 11:20:29

Four and more.

Abitconcerned Sun 29-Jun-08 16:39:50

Yeah it must be 4+

dragonbaby Sun 29-Jun-08 16:49:54

there is me and dh with 6 children would that be large

Gobbledigook Sun 29-Jun-08 16:58:28

I think 4+. There again, although I know tons of families with 3 and it seems pretty average to me, things are still very much geared towards families of 4 (2 adults, 2 children) so that 3 children is almost still considered the 'exception' rather than 'the norm' (packs of food with 4 things in, entry to places often give family tickets but only include 2 children, hotels have family rooms that only fit 2 goes on!).

Ate Sun 29-Jun-08 23:07:58

I'm on my own with 3DC (6yrs, 3yrs, 5mths)and PG with DC4.

So, we'll only be a family of five but given I'll be doing all the work wink I deem it a large family.

Spidermama Sun 29-Jun-08 23:16:01

Yep. Four. I just scrape in there. Would like to be more comfortably in the category but DH won't play any more. sad

cheesesarnie Sun 29-Jun-08 23:23:30

id say 4 plus.i have one of 4.dh is one of dad is one of 5,mil one of 5,fil one of about mum one of about a zillion(dont ask)

bumpybecky Wed 09-Jul-08 17:08:32

I think 6 kids plus is a large family. DH thinks 4 is enough to constitute a horde grin and is more than enough for us

I think society generally thinks 4+ is large.

OrmIrian Wed 09-Jul-08 17:13:08

There are only five of us. But we're all quite large. DH is 6'2. I'm 5'11, DS#1 is 5'1.

caf1 Thu 10-Jul-08 20:18:30

Large family? My neighbour here in Ireland is 1 of 15 kids and her husband is 1 of 9. Families of 4+ are no big deal here and 3 or less is def small!!

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