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What washing machine do you have?

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snorris Fri 27-Jun-08 10:04:00

Mine has washed its last wash after 5 years. I need to replace it but the more research I do ,the more confused I'm getting!

laundrylover Fri 27-Jun-08 10:12:51

I have started getting reconditioned machines from a little local shop. He only has 'good' machines, they come with a 12 month guarantee and they are a quarter of the price of new. On the downside they may be browngrin. My sis has one of my old ones that is still going 10 years on - I inherited one with this house and it works fine.

mumo75 Fri 27-Jun-08 22:16:10

ive got a whirlpool top loader(american style)
huge wash capacity

Lovingthepink Fri 27-Jun-08 22:18:10

Bosh and I totally don't recommend it as the washing powder drawer always clogs up all the time.... I know others with the same problem so it is not just me smile

PestoMonster Fri 27-Jun-08 22:19:24

Bosch, but I put my powder dispenser drawer in the dishwasher once a week grin

Gingerbear Fri 27-Jun-08 22:23:16

Miele. It was expensive.
But it is 11 years old and still going strong.

southeastastra Fri 27-Jun-08 22:28:35

see my thread here too

pootleflump Fri 27-Jun-08 22:30:24

Bosch, love it!

snorris Fri 27-Jun-08 22:38:50

Thank you.
I have decided on a Bosch (was recommended by the repair man). The best price I found was on Boots kitchen appliances,at least £40 cheaper than Currys etc.

snorris Fri 27-Jun-08 22:38:56

Thank you.
I have decided on a Bosch (was recommended by the repair man). The best price I found was on Boots kitchen appliances,at least £40 cheaper than Currys etc.

Lovingthepink Fri 27-Jun-08 22:53:12

It is behind the drawer that is really manky. But good tip about putting the drawer in the dw-always wash it by hand. Thank you

SlightlyMadSweet Fri 27-Jun-08 23:00:17

A tip from a washing machine engineer I know:

Trya nd avoid teh fast 1600+ spin machines, they tend to wear a LOT quicker than the 1400rpm machines.

If you get teh right model you can still get a A+ rated machine with a 1400rpm just spins a bit longer.


chatname Mon 30-Jun-08 14:48:51

We have a new Zanussi coming on Sat - it was the second best machine as tested by Which this month. The first best machine was too big for my kitchen (would be good for a really big family though!)

Absolute nightmare, washing machine broke down, DS 3 weeks old and me just had a Caesarian so couldn't drive either to get to launderette or to look at white goods! Went to John Lewis Sat & got our desired model with £120 off.

Mind you, my old machine was an Ariston and it was over 20 years old (had been my mum's) so fair dos.

Idobelieveinfairies Mon 30-Jun-08 21:56:23

I have a hotpoint know the one with the advert with socks for fish! it is excellent, i am lovin it!

Quattrocento Mon 30-Jun-08 22:04:20

Do you know, I actually have no clue. That's an interesting discovery. Nor do I know what the TVs are, any of the boxes that seem to accompany them, nor the PCs (except the DCs laptops are Dells) nor the printers, fridge, dishwasher, microwave, ice-machine, or hoovers.

Wow that's liberating.

FWIW the washing machine washes perfectly

DisplacementActivity Mon 30-Jun-08 22:09:28

Message withdrawn

ShinyPinkShoes Mon 30-Jun-08 22:11:21

AEG washer/dryer and I love it!

I also have an AEG in the house I rent out and it's still going strong 6 years later and has never broken down <touches wood and holds on>

misscutandstick Tue 01-Jul-08 07:34:52

ooh anyone remember those dyson wasing machines? they were large load and had a double insulated door type thing (as far as i remember... didnt buy one as it was about £800 i think!) i used to drool over itin the shop...blush

leosdad Tue 01-Jul-08 21:17:00

My friend has one and swears by it, not made any more though as some journalist claimed it chewed up clothes, she has v large family plus does stuff for elderly parents.

bumpybecky Wed 02-Jul-08 21:57:04

After killing something like 6 machines in under 3 years, inclduing one when I was 37 weeks pregnant and hadn't yet washed any of the baby clothing from the loft!) we now have two washing machines I have a hoover 1500 7.5kg one, which is good but doens't like running on a timer clock (we've got economy 7). We also have an Indesit (spits) that currently has a dodgy door handle and requires very delicate handling!

lumpsdumps Thu 03-Jul-08 10:32:12

We have a Bosch, which was recommended by my repair man. Had a Beko one before which gave up after a year.

CountessDracula Thu 03-Jul-08 10:34:42

Ours is very quiet, very economical and has a 10 year parts and labour guarantee and is made ot last 25 years!

bobblehat Thu 03-Jul-08 10:43:09

Another miele here. Came with the 10yr parts and labour thingy so that seemed worth the extra, and it had done really well in the which surveys.

That said, the main wash is fab, but the quick wash is only really suitable for freshening up stuff, cos it doesn't get things very clean.

Can I just say that my mother would be very proud that I'm on a washing machine thread!!

kittywise Fri 04-Jul-08 18:08:26

the biggest Bosch. You could live in it it's so big smile

struwellpeter Tue 08-Jul-08 14:00:25

Bosch 6kg. Now 61/2 years old and going fine though had to have the repair man to get a bra wire out... The best thing is the fact that I can open the door mid cycle if its not spinning or full of water. Must do that at least once a day when I find something else to go in.

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