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may i be nosy and ask how much your electricity bills are?

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Divastrop Sat 17-May-08 17:06:20

i just want to get a general idea if we are paying way over the average or not,so im looking to find out how much families of a similar size pay per quater.

we are a family of 2 adults and 5 children(age 1-10),living in a 3 storey,4 bedroom house.

i have been told that our consuption has increased in the last 3 months,but if anything it should have gone down as i got rid of the electric cooker+replaced it with a gas one,plus i have got a new washing machine(other one was old and not energy-efficient).


pellmell Sat 17-May-08 17:28:10

our direct debit is currently set at £71 elec and £60 gas per month for a detatched period house (no cavity wall insulation)
3 double bedrooms
2 large rooms/playroom
large kitchen

I have had our fuel bills capped this week
I have paid an extra £28 to cover both fuels for a twelve month period.

lins1uk Mon 19-May-08 00:18:30

hi i have a two bedroom house
and we pay £64 gas per month and £65 electricity,

cazboldy Wed 21-May-08 21:29:48

mine is £80 per month

oil ch

no double glazing

large 3 bed house

slayerette Wed 21-May-08 21:31:34

I feel slightly better! We currently pay £77 a month in total for the two - three bed detached but fairly new house.

wrinklytum Wed 21-May-08 21:32:12

Hi I have a 3 bed semi.2 adults 2 children.
Double glazed and central heating

Gas £37 monthly
Electricity £60 monthly

Divastrop Wed 21-May-08 23:32:52

thanks all.this dropped off my list and i forgot about it untill i saw a similar thread elsewhereblush

i was paying about £50 a month for electric 2 years ago,in a 3 bedroom house with 4 dc.since we moved to a 4 bed it has gone up and up-the last bill was £311 for a quatershock.i dont understand it,yes i have 1 more child but i am only doing about 1 or 2 more loads of washing a week.apart from that nothing has changed,oh,apart from having replaced the electric cooker with a gas one.and replacing all the lightbulbs with energy saving oneshmm

i would have expected the gas to go up in a bigger house due to heating,but its pretty much the same.

i rang the energy company and they said our consumption has risen in the last 3 months and we must have forgotten about something extra we are using.

i think something funny is going on.

mumoftwo37 Wed 21-May-08 23:36:51

We pay £52 electric and £48 ga by Direct Debit a month.
We are usually in credit we have 3 big bedrooms lounge/ diner and our cooker is electric.
DH is a stickler for turning everything off though - nothing is on standby. He read this week that if you turn your microwave off at the wall when not using it you save £50 per year - so that is off now!

SmugColditz Wed 21-May-08 23:41:58

1 2 bed boxy mid terrace. 2 children, one adult

£7 a week.

PTA Wed 21-May-08 23:49:44

£136 per month for 3bed 3 livingrooms, Victorian semi 2 adults 2 kids, double glazed, central heated and insulated and coal fire in livining room in winter. However I am in the frozen north and confess to using the tumble dryer a lot over the winter.

Divastrop Thu 22-May-08 11:09:40

PTA-i am in the north as well and use the tumble drier all the time,but ive used the tumble drier all the time since i had ds2,almost 5 years ago.

cazboldy Thu 22-May-08 18:22:30

Message withdrawn

cazboldy Thu 22-May-08 18:23:38

sorry posted on completely the wrong thread blush

flack Fri 30-May-08 21:33:12

About 35 quid lekki/month.
That includes all cooking but heating is on oil (About 65/month). 2 adults, 4 LOs, big house with g\ood insulation.

ElenorRigby Fri 06-Jun-08 19:08:07

We were paying £60 per month for gas and lecki.

Alas we have seriously misjudged how much we should have being paying for our large 3 storey + cellar victorian house. We moved in a year ago .
We have been hit with a bill for £900 odd quid. shock

scotsgirl Fri 06-Jun-08 19:27:58

£60 all in for gas and electric, and they refunded us £125 cos we were too much in credit! Not sure why mine is lower than most of yours. Live in a 1970s 3-bed detached (no cavity wall insulation, although should get it), have gas hob and electric oven, use my tumble drier (try not to, but you know how it is when the washing builds up), don't have a microwave or freezer, one mid-size tv, computers are laptops so run off batteries for 50% of the time. Blow dry my hair every day.
We do switch everything off at night and keep the heating thermostat quite low, but otherwise feel we're pretty normal. My supplier is Scottish Hydro Electric, and i was paying about the same when we were with our last supplier (Scottish Power I think).

reban Sun 15-Jun-08 18:57:26

for some reason my 3 bed mid terrace costs £120 per month gas and £70 elec .. seems excessive but they have checked meter readings hmm

loudmouthmum Sat 23-Aug-08 23:37:26

£5/month gas (heating & hot water) in summer, £20/month in winter MAX. Leccy £42/month all year round. 4 yr old mid-terrace 3 bed, no tumble dryer, 4 tellies, computer, blimmin games consoles on 3 of the tellies, chargers for ds's & mobiles, electric cooker, 15-20 wash loads a week (A rated washing machine). No dishwasher or tumble dryer, supplier Utility Warehouse, all in deal with my phone & broadband, which costs me £20/month, all calls under 1 hr to landlines are free, 0845 & 0870 numbers half BT prices & no BT line rental to pay. With between 4 & 7 people in the house! so, with my sky bill for £21/month, all in £94/month (average) for digital tv, gas, leccy, phone & broadband. Plus £4/week water (we save water & use wisely,half flush loos help).

MommyUpNorth Sun 24-Aug-08 21:28:26

£65 direct debit per month for just electric. We're in a 5 bed old Victorian house. Oil c/h.

NotAnOtter Sun 24-Aug-08 21:30:24

£100 ish a month

ranting Sun 24-Aug-08 21:32:47

86 quid a month for the gas and electric, we live in a 3 bed semi but dh is quite militant about not wasting energy, so everything is switched off at the mains at night and our heating is not set very high, so only really comes on when it is quite cold.

DanJARMouse Sun 24-Aug-08 21:34:22

£10 a week elec

£3 a week gas

sagacious Sun 24-Aug-08 21:38:48

£85 pcm electric
£55 pcm gas

2 adults
2 children

5 year old 4 bedroom link detached.

Just checked my old bills when we moved in 5 years ago bills were about half.

DanJARMouse Sun 24-Aug-08 21:40:32

Sorry, thats

£10 a week elec
£3 a week gas

2 adults, 3 kids, 3 bed semi.

AbbaFan Sun 24-Aug-08 21:43:11

£75 a month for both

3 bed detached
with double glazing and cavity wall insulation.

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