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pelvic floor and more children question!!!!!!

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rainbowdays Mon 05-May-08 21:21:45

This seems like a weird question to be asking!

I have just had my third child, and with each subsequent pregnancy my pelvic floor is becoming less reliable.... so wanted to check if I am planning dc4, should I make sure my pelvic floor muscles are as good as I can get them, before becoming pregnant again, or should I just go for getting pregnant and then worry about the pelvic floor exercises more afterwards????

I know I should be doing the exercises religiously each day right now, and I am trying (honestly!) but it is not easy with three around, I do wonder how do you all manage with more children!!!!

thefabfour Tue 06-May-08 10:25:49

Pelvic floor is as good as ever after four.

Stomach looks like a battle has taken place on it though grin

IME, most of the damage was done by DC1 and DC2 (ECS). The other two have barely left a mark.

thefabfour Tue 06-May-08 10:29:42

It may also help to get to or stay at your ideal weight for your height.

My sister is about 5 stone overweight. She is mildly incontinent after only 2 DC. IMO the extra weight can't have helped. (Am rather pleased she is not a mumsnetter as I would be getting a virtual slap right now!!!)

bumface Tue 06-May-08 14:29:42

Do your PF excercises while TTC! Everyone's a winner!

oliviaelanasmum Tue 06-May-08 14:31:31

I am 15 weeks pregnant with dc4 and have a very strong pelvic floor. Im overweight and have never done any exercises, and have had all 3 dd's naturally.

rainbowdays Tue 06-May-08 20:18:37

I was fine with dc's 1 and 2, it is just this last pregnancy that seems to have left them a little weak. I will be continuing to do my PF exercises, but I don't think I will be waiting to ttc, I will carry on and just hope that I can get pelvic floor back into shape at some point!!!!!

Oliviaelanasmum - I am so jealous, I wish my pelvic floor did not need excerises either! How are you managing with 3dd's and being pg?

misscutandstick Sat 21-Jun-08 16:11:40

i was gutted after DS2, my pelvic floors... well TMI, I could have shot cherry stones before i had him.. and after? couldnt even raise a twitch of a muscle blush however regular(ish) excercises, and another 3 sons... and they are beautifully toned - still have the odd moment at sneezing tho! blush

kittywise Sat 21-Jun-08 19:48:14

Always do them, I was fine up until number 6 and although the Dr says they are fine I feel like everything's hanging low blush

Tas1 Sun 22-Jun-08 14:54:11

Pelvic floor! What pelvic floor??? grin

KatieDD Mon 14-Jul-08 09:04:00

Like everything though the more toned it is to start with the less damage will be done by the baby. My stomach is great, not sure about the pelvic floor though.

belgo Mon 14-Jul-08 09:08:21

All women should do pelvic floor exercises, every day, for ever, how ever many children they've had, and however they were born.

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Fri 18-Jul-08 23:43:33

rainbow - start ttc but get in the habit of doing the exercises now, the longer you leave it the harder & longer it'll take to get the tone back.

I have a riders pelvic floor. Apparently all that saddle-gripping makes 'em like steel! I had DC4 7 weeks ago and I passed the trampoline test this week. [smuggity-smug]

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