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IMPORTANT message for families of 3 or more. Save money on your water bill.

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SlightlyMadSweet Fri 02-May-08 22:04:13

Did you know that you can have your water bill capped if you have 3 or more children, and are claiming tax credits. Only applicable for those on a metered supply.

details from Severn trent water.

All water oards do it (it is a government thing)...check the specifics with your own water board.

BUMP me for the next person please.

isaidno Fri 02-May-08 22:31:43


SparklyGothKat Fri 02-May-08 22:50:57

wow, thanks

SparklyGothKat Fri 02-May-08 22:58:19

Just applied for an form online

SlightlyMadSweet Fri 02-May-08 23:02:49

no probs Sparkly....I only found out by chance.

KJeep it bumped....if we are entitled to it we should have it IMO smile

SlightlyMadSweet Sat 03-May-08 16:03:00


SparklyGothKat Sat 03-May-08 23:12:00


SlightlyMadSweet Sun 04-May-08 07:35:33


martini82 Sun 04-May-08 16:35:03


MarsLady Sun 04-May-08 16:36:59


SlightlyMadSweet Sun 04-May-08 19:20:19


SlightlyMadSweet Sun 04-May-08 22:17:37

bum-tiddly-bum bum...bum BUMP

PotPourri Sun 04-May-08 22:20:40

Message withdrawn

oliviaelanasmum Sun 04-May-08 22:24:36

Im going to ask dp if we have a meter or not!

SlightlyMadSweet Mon 05-May-08 13:39:38


Nemoandthefishes Mon 05-May-08 21:06:05

we dont have a meter but dh seems to think it is cheaper without a meter as we pay £28 a this true?

Divastrop Mon 05-May-08 21:14:27

we had a meter in our last house and were paying £9 a we dont have one its £3.50 a weekshock.

SlightlyMadSweet Mon 05-May-08 21:30:26

Nemo who is your water board?

AbricotsSecs Mon 05-May-08 21:34:59

Message withdrawn

Nemoandthefishes Mon 05-May-08 22:04:02

ermm I think united utilities

SlartyBartFast Mon 05-May-08 22:13:01

will look into this

SlightlyMadSweet Mon 05-May-08 23:07:32

I was just looking to see what the capped level is in your area Nemo - as that would be the max you would pay.

Can't seem to find it though.

It can be cheaper without a meter...especially with lots of water usage.

cat64 Mon 05-May-08 23:41:29

Message withdrawn

martini82 Tue 06-May-08 08:20:39

just called my water supplier the capped rate for my area is £359 thats southern water.

SlightlyMadSweet Tue 06-May-08 21:43:32

bumpity bump

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