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Hello and is five much of a leap from four?

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bumface Wed 23-Apr-08 14:19:23


This is my first post so please be gentle with me.
I have a feeling that after months of telling everyone who asks if I'm having more (and as you probably know that is a lot of people) "No that's my lot, I don't want any more"..... I think I might be expecting number 5.

I haven't tested yet but AF is over a week late and I have had a few signs here and there.

Anyway I just wanted to ask if you lovely people who have five or more found going from four to five much harder? Personally so far I found having the first hard work and after that each one fitted in quite nicely.

So give it to me straight peeps!

ladytophamhatt Wed 23-Apr-08 14:43:44

You lucky thing.

No advice I'm afraid but I'm very jealous.

(actually feel abit misty eyed too)

kittywise Wed 23-Apr-08 16:35:15

For me it wasn't that great a leap, but I think it all depends on your own circumstance and what sort of baby you get!! My no.5 was a dream baby, slept more than she was awake! No.6 has been a frigging nightmare hmm

bumface Wed 23-Apr-08 16:43:52

Hello Ladytophamhatt,

You are the first person to speak to me on Mumsnet thank you.

I just read your post on the broodiness thing. We really are a slave to our hormones aren't we... and you are right, you do make very lovely small people.


bumface Wed 23-Apr-08 16:46:02

Oh blimey Kittywise,

I haven't really had a difficult baby yet (toddlers yes, but not babies)maybe my luck just ran out.

anynamewilldo Wed 23-Apr-08 16:55:08

I am about to go from 4 to 5, only got 4 weeks left, so far i found it worse going from 1 to 2. but this time the age gap is only 14mths, whereas the other gaps were 2yrs between 1+2, 3.5yrs between 2+3 and 3yrs between 3+4.

modernart Wed 23-Apr-08 17:26:18

I went from 3 to 5, had twins. Quite a big shock and very exhausting. I remember shaking with tiredness and hurryingness. The worst thing was feeling guilty that they didn't get as many cuddles. Was great fun too, they were just the worst bits.

ladytophamhatt Wed 23-Apr-08 19:42:53

Bless you Bumface, in weeks/months to come there will be many threads about your 1st post/thread/reply on MN and forever and day we are now linkedgrin

<non-stalker emoticon>

Bumface is a name I call the Dsses when i'm winding them up. The all fall about laughing, as you'd expect with boys and being called Bumfacegrin

bumface Thu 24-Apr-08 10:58:14

Ah Lady, you have made me feel very welcome.

I must have a similar sense of humour to your boys. To read a thread starting "Bless you Bumface" fills me with glee.

Well I took a test today (twice)and it is negative, but I am feeling more pregnant all the time. Either it is too early or I am just having a phantom.

We shall see.

handmedownqueen Thu 24-Apr-08 11:34:05

ive found it wonderful but quite hard though have had 18 month gap so maybe my own fault!!have 2.4 year old and 9 month old now plus 11,9 and 6. the logistcs are quite hard, it is quite a juggle to make sure everyone gets what they need but the realtionship between the big ones and the littles more than makes up for it. plus you enjoy each baby that bit more as it is definitely the last!!

bumface Thu 24-Apr-08 13:07:43

Ha Ha I know what you mean, I thought my last three were my last.
My age gaps are 3yrs, 3.5yrs, 2 and a bit yrs and if it isn't a phantom then about 2.5yrs this time.

AramintaAlice Fri 02-May-08 13:45:24

Five doesn't feel much different to four to me. I'm 41 and expecting number 7 in August shock

My oldest is almost 18...

It's tiring with one anyway, but I found that like the love that just expands to accomodate each one, so does the energy - even when you feel so tired somehow you manage to keep going!

Good luck with it grin

juuule Fri 02-May-08 14:29:16

While I agree that the love expands, I'm not so sure about the energywink

christie1 Sun 04-May-08 23:14:06

from four to five was fine I found. The other kids were getting older (at least 2 were now over 5) so it was easier. And baby five was one of the "easy " babies, slept well, ate well and was easy going. I found the other kids would amuse her while she sat in a baby chair watching them.

Fizzylady Thu 11-Sep-08 13:45:34

HOW wonderful all this is to read!
I am 41 with 16, 14, 2 and 5 months and was feeling so silly for wanting another.
Also wondered if I might be too old and how long I should leave it?
Any advice?
I am tired most of the time but so happy this time around..not sure what hubby really thinks.....

AramintaAlice Fri 26-Sep-08 12:41:11

Fizzy, I say if you can get pregnant you're not too old!

If nature lets you still then why not go for it. Obviously, I'm sure you'd be aware of the extra risk of downs syndrome, but you can have checks for this.

I've now had my 7th and he's a perfect beautiful little darling.

From my experience I'd say go for it. I am often tired, but then I was when I had my first at 23 anyway.

I'd love to know what you decide.

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