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cheesesarnie Tue 22-Apr-08 21:44:22

hello larger family mners.i only have 3dc so were not larger family but we are planning 4 dc.were looking at getting a new car now while we have some spare money.what cars would you recommend to fit family of 6?

Tickle Tue 22-Apr-08 22:15:52

hi cheesesarnie! Depends a bit on whether you need all the seats, all of the time. If it is only once in a while that you all drive together, then an estate with extra seats in the boot would be good, otherwise a people carrier might be a better option...

Give us a bit more info - eg will it be your only car in the family, do you have a dog, do you need 4WD? That kind of thing! Then I'm sure people will have lots of advice

Our choice doesn't really count, as we live in Denmark, so bought our car based purely on a tax-break for 'campers' - otherwise car tax is 180% here shock

cheesesarnie Tue 22-Apr-08 22:21:12

well it will be main car,dh will use it for work but will be all of us alot of dog.dont need 4wd.thankyou btw!

BigBadMouse Tue 22-Apr-08 22:29:19

Hello Sarnie grin.

We have a Seat Alhambra for our (soon to be 3) DC. I'd recommend it over the Ford Galaxy and VW Sharan which are very similar, almost identical 7 seaters. Watch out with the insurance on MPVs - really high angry.

When DC3 arrives shall I drive down in the car and make you broody wink

cheesesarnie Tue 22-Apr-08 22:30:36

BigBadMouse- yes please do!!!!!grin

cheesesarnie Tue 22-Apr-08 22:31:00

dh has been looking at bongos and galaxys i think.

Tickle Tue 22-Apr-08 22:31:55

Yup, I have some friends with the Seat BBM is talking about - apparently same chassis as the other two, made in the same factory, just different trimmings and a whole lot cheaper! Friends like it.

cheesesarnie Tue 22-Apr-08 22:35:32

really?oh how interesting!i'll tell dh!

BigBadMouse Tue 22-Apr-08 22:45:44

Yep, that's right. It is pretty much identical to the sharans and galaxys, same chassis and engines, made in same factory but you get a much better spec for your money with the alhambra - we have the base model and it is fab. One of the galaxy's has a ford engine (the V6, IIRC) but the rest are all VW engines so very robust. The seats come out easily (and fit through my tiny loft hatch). Check out for reviews

Bongos are incredibly expensive to run. IIRC this is because they are all full time 4WD and automatic so incredibly thirsty. They are definitely thirsty for whatever reason (I have friends with them)

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