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When everybody wants talk at the same time.

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Spidermama Sun 20-Apr-08 15:37:04

If the kids have been out with their dad they all come home enthused and desperate to tell me about it. Only, they want to speak at the same time so it usually ends up in a big row and I don't hear anyone's tale. Or dd runs off and leaves the boys to it.

Do you have a system which makes sure they all get time to talk?

Then, of course, I want to talk to dhy, but our conversation is always right at the back of the queue. It's so frustrating.

modernart Sun 20-Apr-08 15:45:57

You could have a talking stick where only the person holding it can speak (lol) but I usually tell mine it's character-building to have to deal with the butting-in. They develop different strategies for coping, hopefully succinct and witty dialogue will be the outcome.

Spidermama Sun 20-Apr-08 15:48:27

I hope so modernart. Sometimes I say ''DD first then ds2, then ds3 ... ' but by the time it gets to them they fume, 'I've forgotton now because SHE took so long' etc.

lljkk Mon 21-Apr-08 18:46:34

ditto, spidermama.

lljkk Mon 21-Apr-08 18:48:35

Older ones could b asked 2 write their thoughts down while waiting (y didnt I think of that b4?)
But that's no good coz usually we're walking home from school or in car when problem arises.

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