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How do you cope with all the pregnancies??

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PutThatInYourPipeandSmokeIt Wed 16-Apr-08 08:45:43

I am PG with #2 and feel completely shot! I would love more but I can't imagine voluntarily putting myself through this again. How do you guys do it time and time again???

oliviaelanasmum Wed 16-Apr-08 08:47:11

Im pregnant with #4 (a novice compared to others here grin ) and i love it! Although if you ask me the same question at about 37 weeks i may have a different answer wink

MrsMattie Wed 16-Apr-08 08:48:34

My sentiments exactly@PutThatInYourPipe. I'd love 3 or 4 kids in a fantasty world, but I couldn't realistically cope with that many pregnancies / births / screaming newborn stages.

numptysmummy Wed 16-Apr-08 08:49:47

I enjoy being pregnant,despite being knackered,feeling sick etc. I guess the end result more than makes up for it.

juuule Wed 16-Apr-08 17:47:42

Loved being pregnant.

Disenchanted Wed 16-Apr-08 17:48:18

What the minimum number for a large family please?

narkymum Fri 18-Apr-08 09:58:58

I am pregnant with no 10 and I have found each pregnancy is different and each labour some are easy others not so easy (like kids) interestingly my east pregnancys have prodused my more easier children. I am just as sick each time though first three months is worst out of the whole nine!

Idobelieveinfairies Fri 18-Apr-08 10:02:57

Ohhh very jealous at baby no.10 for narkymum. My tubes have been clipped but hoping one day something might squeeze through!

I had brill pregnancies. I was very lucky though, not an ounce of sickness (even with the multiples). Tiredness was ok, all children are like me early risers which means early to get on well with that.

They only thing now is bad back...first thing in the morning and then come evening once i have sat down and then try to get up again....painful. I feel like an old woman at only 33!

narkymum Fri 18-Apr-08 10:35:00

how far along are you

kittywise Sat 19-Apr-08 17:55:30

for me the pg is ok, you just have to get on and cope, none of this being tired and needing to put your feet up malarkywink.

I find it hard from week 40 onwards though. I usually go three weeks over and I find week 43-43 very, very hard indeed!!

kittywise Sat 19-Apr-08 17:55:47

meant 42-43!

bigmouthstrikesagain Sat 19-Apr-08 18:02:28

My sister managed 7 kids in 5 pregnancies so maybe you should double up grin - that said the twin sets were the 4th and 5th pregnancies so were much harder on her (and the babies) physically - you just have to get on with things and put up with the fact that you don't get the opportunity to indulge in being pregnant like you (hopefully)do for the first one. I am preg with number 3 at the mo and it is difficult to manage sometimes and the kids have been a bit neglected when I have fallen asleep on the sofa instead of getting their lunchblush - but I am getting out of the tired sick phase now - just have the big fat and unweildy phase to look forward toohmm

not sure if that ramble was entirely helpful but there you go...

Psychomum5 Sat 19-Apr-08 18:10:23

I have had really bad pregnancies each time.....prem labours, car accidents at 28wks resulting in broken ribs, broken cocyx at 7wks, broken ribs in pregnancy #5 thro forceful vomiting, traumatic SPD thro doing the splits at 39wks slipping in spilt lemonadeblush, bleeds......I could go on but most would think I am exagerating.....wink!!!!

I was lucky.....I spent lots of time in hospital with each pregnancy and DH, MIL, SIL, and my freinds were wonderful.

I have to be honest tho, as if I had been told all this would happen to me I would never have had all mine....I would have stopped at two, but we managed and got thro it and we have 5 wonderful childrengrin.

I do look back and feel quite sad tho that I never once had a 'text book' pregnancy that I sailed thro, but then, they were all each so eventful I do have good stories to tell my DD's, plus as and when they also have babies I hope I remember all well enough to be fab enough to sympathise.

I do have bad memories from my side of the family telling me that "pregnancy is not an illness" and so complete lack of even empathy (I never expected help, I was so grateful tho to those that did), that I aim to never do that to any of my assuming that the boys will have partners/wives and have babies toowink.

I know that when you are pregnant those 9mths seem to stretch forever and a day, and you see no end in sight therefore making you think you could never go thro this many times, but believe me it DOES go quickly and you do get thro it, and people and families adapt very quickly to helping if needed. (I am aware that exceptions can apply, but am talking generally here).

ScienceTeacher Sat 19-Apr-08 18:20:07

I slept through my fifth pregnancy

bogwobbit Sat 19-Apr-08 21:25:23

I loved being pregnant and had 'easy' pregnancies - never sick, didn't put on too much weight etc. I don't think I would have had as many childre as I have if it had been harder.

sorkycake Sat 19-Apr-08 22:02:51

I'm so broody atm I don't think I'm going to be able to stop at 2. Someone slap me purrleeze!

tasha22 Sat 19-Apr-08 22:25:29

i found i kept forgetting i was pregnant the third time as i was so occupied with my ds's but this 4th one isnt letting me forget as im soooo tierd think it may be something to do with having them so close together though. my ds3 was prem and in SCBU for 5 weeks which may be to do with my body not being ready for another apparently but fingers crossed for this one and once you get past the tierd sick stage its grand. another thing was aith ds3 i had sever after pains thought i was dyingblush apparently it gets worse with each pregnancy but having said that it hasnt stopped me as once your wee bundle looks at you or screams at youwink its all worth while. mine are so close and im happy with that because they will be good company for eachother as they grow up. dont know if this was any help but good lucksmile

liahgen Sun 20-Apr-08 00:16:54


minimum order is 4!!

Sorky, do you mean 4??grin

nothing for me yet..sad

chipmonkey Sun 20-Apr-08 01:18:17

I am expecting no.4 and have to say I cope very badly with the pregnancies! Luckily, I cope quite well with the babies.

ImflightbutIcantlogintoday Sun 20-Apr-08 06:51:50

Ohhhhh, this question always comes to mind...I have appalling sickness and don't handle it at all, it's just awful - this after my mother said it was nothing much with us and she forgot she felt sick because she was too busy hmm Thanks mum!

I do love little babies and deal with them well, I have found...but toddlers etc, no thanks grin

Hard to realise that they are going to grow up and be real people and we have to let them do that and I suppose that makes me curb my broodiness a little, though I would adore another two or three.

When they invent an anti sickness thing that really works there will be no stopping me!

Btw always best to have a small gap if you are able (it would have been really hard as a single parent so I have four years) because the whole point is really that the children are not lonely - Ds1 got pretty lonely before, but even having ds2 doesn't really make up for it, as he can't play power rangers yet.

largeginandtonic Sun 20-Apr-08 07:15:45

It is very hard, i just focus on the end result and it does more than make up for it.

I am so sick/nauseus for the first 12-14 weeks and incredibly tired. I go to bed early and have been known to fall asleep on the couch in the day (disaster with the little ones around) The last few weeks are hell, my last 2 pregnancies they have both tried to come out at 32 weeks but the hospital has managed to stop them, i am then on bed rest hmm till full term. I jump up at 37 weeks and go mad! The babies were both 2 weeks and 10 days late hmm hmm

I am trying for #7 and very excited although i am under no illusions about what lays ahead of me.

You just cope, it will all muddle through in the end smile

IDBIF my back is the same, i am crippled by the evening. Am seriously considering physio long term as i am a bit scared what another pregnancy will do to it sad Wont stop me of course wink

sorkycake Sun 20-Apr-08 11:50:14

ffs yes liaghen, thank you for that grin

I appear to so broody I have forgotten how many kids I've got blush

Ceolas Sun 20-Apr-08 21:21:36

I foudn my 4th pregnancy easier since we had quite a big gap between 3 and 4. If we're going to have any more though it will be sooner since DH thinks he's too old! (41 this year)

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