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where do we all shop, and how much do we spend? (especially in the hols)

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liahgen Mon 07-Apr-08 08:54:04

Kids first day off today, and am probably off to Aldi grin,

tbh though don't always find it much cheaper for proper food, iykwim, I don't buy crisps, and all that stuff that's cheap.

Usually do Tesco, and spend about £150, 5 kids and me and dh.

ScienceTeacher Mon 07-Apr-08 08:57:36

I go to Costco and Sainsbury's. I don't have a particular pattern with spending - it depends how often I go (have no particular routine).

We eat out a fair bit during the holidays (eg 2 lunches out per week), and I also cook a lot better when I am off, as I am willing to put in the time.

It's DDs birthday today, so am about to make a cake.

liahgen Mon 07-Apr-08 09:01:42

ooh, my dd next week, so will be baking. How old is she?

Am glad to hear i'm not the only one with no particular routine shopping wise, and we too will probably eat out couple times this week.

(in fact today being one of those days as it'll be a bribe to make up for having to go tile choosing)

ScienceTeacher Mon 07-Apr-08 09:04:27

DD is 6 today - my youngest.

I find no routine prevents us from wasting too much food. If I buy for a couple of days at a time, I know what we are having so just buy what we need. If we have leftovers, then I may stretch that to the next day. Or if DH announces that he has to take people out to dinner that evening, I will usually alter our plans too.

mrbojangles Mon 07-Apr-08 10:58:56

I shop at either Asda or Sainsburys with a few items picked up at lidel when I am nearby.
I dont meal plan but do loosely have a idea what main meals we will be having.
I spend on average £80-£100 a week for two adults and four kids and that includes packed lunches and nappies (night time only now)
Now the kids are off it will def be the higher end spent if not a bit more as they dont stop eating.....

TheOriginalXENA Mon 07-Apr-08 11:02:55

We spend over 100 (in tesco's) per week for two adults and four children. Plus DD1 really wants sch dinners at the moment - which cost another 11 per week. Ours have just gone back to school today, in cornwall our holidays were the last two weeks!

tummytickler Mon 07-Apr-08 20:28:37

Sainsburys deliver to us every two weeks which will be about £150 and then we spend at least another £50 per week topping up and at the greengrocers / butchers / fishmongers.
So about £150 per week - there are 4 dc's me and dh.

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