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more kids after bad birth

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Henrietta Wed 02-Apr-08 21:27:03

Don't know if I'm allowed on here but want more kids but had 3 bad tears (just had no 3) and just wondered if you can advise me of a thread or whatever about whether its better to have "natural" or ceaser next time.
dd1 4yo -3rd degree
ds1 2yo - 1st degree
ds2 2months 3/4th degree

thing is I've felt fine and had no probs after all but never done the ceaser thing.

Anybody else had same thing-cant imagine all you got off scot freewink

Psychomum5 Wed 02-Apr-08 21:51:32

well I had an epesiotomy (sp?) first time round, 3rd degree tear with DD2, DD3 just grazes, and then with both DS1 and DS2 nothing!!!

now, either that means I am rather bucket like down thereblush, or it is true what they say in that your vagina does get used to it all.

I think it also must depend on the size of the baby, as DD2 was my biggest (and worst tear wise), and then each of mine got smaller!

altho.....if you are really that worried, and wonder of it will be in the scarring that you will tear next time, then I would suggest either talking with your doctor to see what he would suggest, or see of you can go over your notes with a midwife to see of there os any reason why you tore last time so it the size of the baby, the positioning, or even the speed of the pushing process as that I know makes a the slower and more controled the pushing stage, generally the less the chance or a drastic tear.

Henrietta Wed 02-Apr-08 22:01:23

thanks thats encouraging 3rd time pushed head out slow but pushed hard before that - maybe thats why

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