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DO you want to have more children even though you find it difficult with the ones you have?

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Ceolas Tue 01-Apr-08 15:34:45

That's how I feel. DH thinks I'm bonkers!

thefabfour Tue 01-Apr-08 20:09:21

Yes, completely agree with you!!!

I've got DS 5.9yrs, DD 4, DS 2 and DS 11mo.

I feel like a wreck and haven't slept in years.

I've recently given up work and am not especially liking being a SAHM of 4 dc 5 and under.

Had dreadful PND with DC3 which turned into AND with DC4. Think the stress of 4 children 5 and under really got to me....

Common sense says, absolutely no more. BUT, I secretly would like another one or two...

How old are your dc, ceolas?

expatinscotland Tue 01-Apr-08 20:09:53

How many do you have Ceolas?

Ceolas Tue 01-Apr-08 20:12:27

I have 4 just now.

DD 8, DD 6, DS 4, DD 7 months.

Maybe some of us will just always be broody!

TrinityTheProgressingRhino Tue 01-Apr-08 20:13:13

I have 3 8, nearly 3 and 14 months
I'm still on ad's and haven't slept properly for nearly 3 years
dh and I having issues over the mess of the house caused by the little monsters and me not coping well

but I still want another one or two blush

expatinscotland Tue 01-Apr-08 20:14:39

I do think some women are more biologically tendant to have more and more, even if they have major medical issues whilst pregnant/during childbirth which make it not the best decision for them to make healthwise.

Ceolas Tue 01-Apr-08 20:25:15

I don't have difficult pregnancies or PND or anything serious. Just find life pretty hectic and really hard work.

But despite this I feel 'programmed' to have lots of kids. That probably sounds weird! blush

thefabfour Tue 01-Apr-08 20:30:42

But I imagine that its natural to feel that way. Just some of us act on it and others ignore it?

But is it the pregnancy/ baby that you crave or the child that would result from it? IYSWIM?

I can't think of not having another pregnancy/ baby to care for but I'm not sure I could realistically cope with another child...

oregonianabroad Tue 01-Apr-08 20:32:26

I only have 2 and I am finding it hard.

And yet I yearn for a third...

137wallis Tue 01-Apr-08 20:37:43

I have 5ds, and I have the opposite problem, I would be happy to stop now, as I have spd in pregnancy, and severe pnd after the last 2, but my hubbie wants at least one more, possiblly 2 or 3 more shock and I think we probablly will have some more, as I can't face my hubbies disapointment if I say no! sad

kittywise Wed 02-Apr-08 10:25:51

I am rubbish. I have 6 dc's 9 and under and I want another.
Dp says "no" and I'm sure he;s right. I could prob go on until I drop!

Ceolas Wed 02-Apr-08 12:39:07

By thefabfour on Tue 01-Apr-08 20:30:42
But I imagine that its natural to feel that way. Just some of us act on it and others ignore it?

Yes I think that's it!

fabulousmum Wed 09-Apr-08 11:11:06

i think if you cant cope with the kids you have you definitely shoudnt have any more. its irresponsible and the reason why so many kids go off the rails cos their parents cant cope with them so just let them rome the streets cos they dont now how to deal with their bad behaviour so nake other peopoe have to deal with anti social behavior.
concentrate on looking after the ones you do have properly first.

Nemoandthefishes Wed 09-Apr-08 11:15:53

I am constantly broody even when bloody pregnanthmm
I have ds 4.6,dd1 2.4 and dd2 15mths and we are going to TTc again in a couple of months..its madness as I dont think I would ever stop but have promised dh he can have the snip after no.4..although I did promise that after no.2 and no.3

ladytophamhatt Wed 09-Apr-08 19:06:20

I've realsied in the last few weeks that although I have moaned and scraemed and ranted many many many times about my boys they aren't really bad kids.

They are well behaved when it matters, they say please/thankyou when it matters( I'd like that to be all the time but you know...), they're nice to other people/children and I'm proud of them because although when they come through the front door the turn into demons who seem to loathe eachother, when we're out they're all just normal, excitable, happy, lovable boys.

Its not that I can't cope with them, its me just having too high expectations foro them. I need to chill about them when we're out.

So, anyway...all this has made my quest for No5 even stronger. I'm not going to take no for a answer and as it was DH's idea to start with (but he cahnged his mind back) I think adding another one will be the best thing we can do.

ladytophamhatt Wed 09-Apr-08 19:11:11

Actually reading the thread properly now. I'm not really broody this time, certainly not like I was for the others.
I just feel that its the absolutley right thing to do...that we are meant to have one more and if we don't we will one day, when its too late, think we made a big mistake of not taking the opportunity now.
We'd never regret having a bab....but I'm absolutley certian we'd regret NOT having one.

ladytophamhatt Wed 09-Apr-08 19:11:52

baby not bab!

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