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never mind larger families are you just an unpleasant bitchy person who likes destroying other threads?

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rosylizzie Mon 31-Mar-08 16:37:02

There you are the great iCod a lovely new thread all to youraelf.Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

MamaG Mon 31-Mar-08 16:38:49

whats up? I think its rather unpleasant and bitchy to start a thread about another MNer, but hey ho

mummyloveslucy Mon 31-Mar-08 16:41:39

What has icod done to upset you?

MamaG Mon 31-Mar-08 16:42:08

I think you should cat her and tell her, if she has upset you

Much better than starting a nasty thread

rosylizzie Mon 31-Mar-08 16:42:12

she is starting lots of unpleasant threads in the larger familirs section have a look and see.there are lots of nice mners on them who just want to share the trials and tribulations of more than the usual no of kids. her comments are imo not even funny just nasty

MamaG Mon 31-Mar-08 16:42:50

then CAT her and ask her to stop, Tell her it bothers you

southeastastra Mon 31-Mar-08 16:43:29

she hasn't done it malicioulsy.

OverMyDeadBody Mon 31-Mar-08 16:45:04

Why not just report the posts you find offensive rather than starting a nasty thread yourself?hmm

PaulaYatesBiggestFan Mon 31-Mar-08 16:45:08

ignore rozzie it is just jealousy wink

PaulaYatesBiggestFan Mon 31-Mar-08 16:46:08

that should be ignore HER rosylizzie!

rosylizzie Mon 31-Mar-08 16:46:41

ok then will cat in future didnt realise protocol just saw red when saw one of nasty threads had been put on homepage by mn towers.i obviously just dont get her sense of humour if thats what it is

PaulaYatesBiggestFan Mon 31-Mar-08 16:49:16

not sense of humour rosy - jelousy!

doggiesayswoof Mon 31-Mar-08 16:49:35

I hate to say this rosylizzie but the only reason I've even seen those threads is because you started this one and I went and looked to see what you meant.

They are not even in active convos any more - and they've only got about 30 posts at most, and they are pretty tame imo

If you are upset though, report the posts, don't start a bitchy thread yourself

doggiesayswoof Mon 31-Mar-08 16:50:20

Oh x-posts with your last post rosyl. Fair enough.

Divastrop Mon 31-Mar-08 16:51:57

she did the same when the AIBU topic was first started.shes just having a laugh,from what ive seen.

Taweret Mon 31-Mar-08 16:54:06

rosylizzie, are you cod in disguise, trying to draw attention to your own posts? grin

FluffyMummy123 Mon 31-Mar-08 16:54:10

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Mon 31-Mar-08 16:54:35

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Mon 31-Mar-08 16:55:48

Message withdrawn

MamaG Mon 31-Mar-08 16:56:24

I think cod is considering DC4 and is looking for tips wink

FluffyMummy123 Mon 31-Mar-08 16:56:31

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Mon 31-Mar-08 16:56:50

Message withdrawn

Taweret Mon 31-Mar-08 16:56:54

Cod, it appears that you stand accused of brazenly mentioning the word 'breakfast' on a public forum.

<<adopts voice of doom>>


MamaG Mon 31-Mar-08 16:57:04

Go on then

I'll come on and tell you off

LilyMunster Mon 31-Mar-08 16:59:14

[goes to look for funny threads...]

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