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how do larger fmalies have breakfast?

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FluffyMummy123 Sun 30-Mar-08 18:46:27

Message withdrawn

princessosyth Sun 30-Mar-08 18:48:28

Get them to stand in a row with their mouths open. Chuck bits of bacon, sausages etc up in the air and get them to catch it in their mouths. PITA when you are doing cereal.

tassisssss Sun 30-Mar-08 18:48:40

i only have 2 so not a larger family, but i don't plan to change this when no 3 is born!

dh gives wee ones cereal while having his own and brings me a coffee. i have my shower and ignore them for as long as possible

i might remember to grab a piece of toast later on when they've all had...i usually have to share it with them

Blandmum Sun 30-Mar-08 18:49:45

My great garndmother and her two sisters had 63 children between them.

She had 11 children who reached adulthood and during ww2 had over 20 close male relatives in active service.

FluffyMummy123 Sun 30-Mar-08 18:50:21

Message withdrawn

Nbg Sun 30-Mar-08 18:50:36

fooooooookin nora MB!

FluffyMummy123 Sun 30-Mar-08 18:50:44

Message withdrawn

Blandmum Sun 30-Mar-08 18:51:06

i had to leave the Valley to mate, I was related to almost everyone living there........

Blandmum Sun 30-Mar-08 18:51:40

I've found the 11 on the census records

tassisssss Sun 30-Mar-08 18:52:06

(just realised you didn't really want to know blush)

Blandmum Sun 30-Mar-08 18:52:35

Not all of the 63 lived.

My father was one of 6, but only 3 of them lived to adult hood.

We forget just how lucky we are

motherinferior Sun 30-Mar-08 18:52:44

But 16 divided by 3 is...well...lots. Masses. Jeezlouise. Around 20 pregnancies each?

Blandmum Sun 30-Mar-08 18:53:06

and all single births

Blandmum Sun 30-Mar-08 18:54:19

not impossible when you think that they were getting married at around 18 or so. No contraception, and the age of the menopause was the same then as it is now, at around 50.

motherinferior Sun 30-Mar-08 18:55:44


One of my neighbours has seven kids, and has had a few miscarriages as well. She looks bloody good on it. And I happen to know she is exactly the same age as me because we discovered last week we'd been to infant school together.

Blandmum Sun 30-Mar-08 18:57:50

They were just bloody fertile!

My grandfather started work in the pit at 12 (I sound like one of the 4 yorkshire men from monty python now!)

My great gran couldn't read and write. The difference between my life and hers is almost beyond measuring.

motherinferior Sun 30-Mar-08 18:59:27

<sighs with lefty envy>

My family is posh as far back as you want to go. It's so shaming.

Cappuccino Sun 30-Mar-08 19:01:01

I have a very similar life to my grandmother, who was a weaver in Yorkshire

I just sit in a chair and moan all day

it's uncanny really

madje2 Sun 30-Mar-08 19:01:42

my dhs gran was one of 13 too 12 girls and 1 boy poor lad. All reached adult and many still alive one great aunt is 102.

Blandmum Sun 30-Mar-08 19:02:05

Ahem, my father was given the TUC Gold Medal.

and he was made an honorary member of the NUM for his work for them in the Strike.

My leftie credentials are impeccable, but somewhat tarnished ! grin

DarthVader Sun 30-Mar-08 19:02:45

obviously the key is don't do breakfast every day for every child, put 'em on a rota system

missmama Sun 30-Mar-08 19:06:06

You dont have to go that far back either.
My Mum is one of 12, she was only 60 this year.

missmama Sun 30-Mar-08 19:06:56

But I do believe they were so poor they couldnt afford breakfast wink

fizzbuzz Sun 30-Mar-08 19:29:20

My mum was one of 8. They only lived in a tiny house, with a small table.

They used to eat in shifts or sittings

Squirdle Sun 30-Mar-08 20:08:32

They probably eat breakfast with a spoon, much the same as the rest of us....grin

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