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Is more than 5 a whole different ball game?????

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cazboldy Sat 29-Mar-08 10:36:54

I have 5 dc, and am kind of under the impression that going from 5 to 6 would be like making a major leap (akin to going from 2 to 3 wink)

What with needing more than 7 seats in the car etc.....

Is this honestly the case, or is it actually not too bad, in a relative kind of way (if having 6 kids can ever be "not too bad!" lol)

liahgen Sat 29-Mar-08 10:40:56

Caz i will be watching this with interest as we are in process of ttc no. 6. (well sometimes we are, sometimes we aren't depending on how dh feels as to how kids have behaved that day/ how overdrawn we are/ etc etc)

We have a 7 seater at the mo, am assuming you do too, but have been looking at 8 seaters. My concern is that number 6 turns out to be nos 6 and 7!!
Getting on a bit, (me) lots pg's does add up to more chance of multiples.

What do you think?

dreamydowler Sat 29-Mar-08 11:47:07

Lol We had a 9 seater minibus for a good few years but as older ones are now able to drive themselves we have gone back to a seven seater. Its not that different on cost either to buy or to insure you can get some good bargains on minibuses ex postal ones for example.

cazboldy Sat 29-Mar-08 20:32:13

any more?? smile

kittywise Mon 31-Mar-08 19:13:55

Yes caz it is shock in many. many different ways !!!!!!!!

cazboldy Wed 02-Apr-08 08:42:24

come on then

kittywise Wed 02-Apr-08 16:22:06

Well, I think it very much depends on how close together the children are for a start.
My eldest is nine and the baby is about to turn a year, the other four are wedged in betweengrin.

It also depends on how 'good' your baby is. My last one was one of the most miserable babies I have EVER come across in all my years of parenting and being around other people's babieshmm.

The cost of the weekly shopping bill is now over £200

We have a 9 seater minibus type thing

When there were five kids we could fit in say an 6 berth chalet but now there are too many of us and we have to pay for 2 chalets etc.

For me the hardest thing has been stretching my time amongst 6 children, it has been emotionally EXHAUSTING and they have all suffered very much this last year.
My eldest (who is such a good boy btw) is on school journey this week and I must say that the difference in going back to managing 5 has been huge. It feels like a doddle. I have one person less whose needs I have to meet, to whom I have to listen etc.

It's very hard to explain, but yes it makes a difference going from 5 to 6. I think thought that the difference is much more on an emotional level rather than physical or fiscal.
having said all that if dp suggested we have another one I think I'd go for it DESPITE all common sense saying NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you mad fool.

If you want another then have one, you'll cope no matter how hard and I really do love the fact that the children have each other to play with smile

cazboldy Wed 02-Apr-08 18:30:58

thanks Kitty - I think I do understand what you mean - the whole dynamic of the family changes......

It is not on the horizon for us atm, but you never know, and we do sometimes chat about it smile

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