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So how many children have you got? Who's got the most?

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Disenchanted Thu 27-Mar-08 11:41:08


I wonder who has the most children on here

gingeme Thu 17-Apr-08 21:32:43

Not sure if this counts but dh and I have 7 between us though 4 live with our respective ex partners.
However they are all boys smile
We have the three youngest at home
ds6-17 months
ds7-3 months

trioand3 Thu 17-Apr-08 21:15:27

(i have 6) triplets with my fourth pregnancy

purpleduck Sun 13-Apr-08 22:42:52

Did the girl burst into tears over all the colouring she would have to do???

We have 2
I am one of 5, and I loved having brothers and sisters. I wish I could give my dcs the same experience, but I truly don't believe I could have been a good mum to more.

Its too late now - dh has been snipped.

I really admire you all though

Psychomum5 Sun 13-Apr-08 22:23:23

you know, I have been so busy the past few days I don;t know if I have actually posted on this threadblush......I have looked ofr me, but am now so high on painkillers (thanks to spring cleaning and climbing up n down cleaning windows/stripping and washing curtains and nets/stripping all the beds in one day AND getting them drygrinand <<smug>>) that I cant see if I have or not.....hmm

anyhoo......I know I am not the largest family by any means, but I DO however have fivegrin

DD1 14
DD2 12
DD3 9
DS1 7
DS2 5

kittywise Sun 13-Apr-08 22:06:19

I keep dreaming I'm pg with no 7. I think it's just something I have to get over hmm

sparklesandnowinefor9months Sun 13-Apr-08 19:05:17

i'm due end of Oct

i really don't know how you you do it with 9!! i take my hat off to you, you must be an incredibly calm and organised person smile

narkymum Sun 13-Apr-08 18:57:15

when are you due

sparklesandnowinefor9months Sun 13-Apr-08 18:53:50

WOW narkymum! thats fab congrats smile

4 here with no5 on the way, think we may stop there though.....

narkymum Sun 13-Apr-08 18:38:12

gandchild first all at home except oldest pregnant one and one at uni

maggymay Sat 12-Apr-08 22:24:00

I have 9, 2 girls and 7 boys and I am well and truely finished smile have 5 grandchildren and another due in august my oldest daughter takes after me she now has 4 and is wanting more although she swears she will stop at 7.

MissPaulaYates Fri 11-Apr-08 17:35:20

wow sarah 131 did you know before they were born which gender they were ( i am fast on your heels btw)

narkymum ( love the name) well done you! need more details though! how old are you etc??? ( nosy emotion)

gggg you sound very unsure about whether or not you have finished child bearing wink

branflake81 Fri 11-Apr-08 17:29:36

Narkymum - I'm in shock! Do tell us what it's like - are they all still at home? Who is due first, granchild or DC number 10?

juuule Thu 10-Apr-08 20:50:57

We have a new winner.
Narkymum - I hand you my crown. wink
And congrats on no10.
<juuule backs out with a sweeping bow>

narkymum Thu 10-Apr-08 15:57:23

I have nine
and have one due in september also one grandchild

surprise Thu 10-Apr-08 14:46:05

How do you all afford so many children? It must cost an absolute fortune. I struggle to pay for my two let alone eight or nine!

MeImAllSmiles Wed 09-Apr-08 23:26:12

I have 2 of my own, 5 steps (3 live full time - ages 8, two at 12, 15 and 16).

sarah131 Wed 09-Apr-08 21:48:22

Hi I am new here, I have 8 children and would love more. I have 1 girl she was first and then 7 boys their ages are 13, 11, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 28 weeks old

aGalChangedHerName Tue 08-Apr-08 17:26:02

I have 4 and won't be having anymore sad Unless of course the vasectomy fails (lives in hope)

ggg did you manage to get a hold of PI at all?

ggglmpp Tue 08-Apr-08 17:21:32

I have had 6 children and have a dss. Am too old for any more..... probably!

hatrick Tue 08-Apr-08 14:07:25

Message withdrawn

YAP Tue 08-Apr-08 14:01:42

Brave post, EmmaKn. I have only 2 kids but would love another. DH says we are too old at 40 and 44. There must be a few older mums and dads out there especially with some of the large age gaps.

EmmaKn Tue 08-Apr-08 13:50:29

Daughters play football too

and is no-one worried about global warming- I've just heard the best thing we can do to combact the end of the planet is stick to 2 kids each and it does make sense

MissPaulaYates Sat 05-Apr-08 15:43:58

however juule is first followed by idobelieveinfaries

MissPaulaYates Sat 05-Apr-08 15:43:14

i think she has a good mix of ds/dd

i am more the footie team variety ( sigh)

Oblomov Sat 05-Apr-08 15:31:39

So is Juuule, the winner?
I think of her when I think of football teams grin ?

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