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So how many children have you got? Who's got the most?

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Disenchanted Thu 27-Mar-08 11:41:08


I wonder who has the most children on here

suzywong Thu 27-Mar-08 11:54:31

yes, what is the benchmark? What's the criterion?
do the five-childed look down upon the merely four-childed?
how does it work?

Nemoandthefishes Thu 27-Mar-08 11:56:44

I have 3 want a no.4 but would say I have 5 if you count dh..he accounts for at least 2 toddlers in behaviourhmm

pedilia Thu 27-Mar-08 11:57:49

This thread was done recenlty and I am sure there is someonw here with 9 but can't remember any names

sugarpear Thu 27-Mar-08 11:59:18

6 here

lisalisa Thu 27-Mar-08 12:01:25

Message withdrawn

Disenchanted Thu 27-Mar-08 12:26:23

Anyone read 'call the midvies'?

Theres a lady in that book (true story about midwiffery in the 1950's) and she had 25 children by 40! shock

The 25th was born prematurely and surrvived by staying between its mothers breasts and having breastmilk from a spoon every 30 minutes!

Disenchanted Thu 27-Mar-08 12:26:55

midwives that was supposed to be obviously!

Lulumama Thu 27-Mar-08 12:41:47

i;ve read it, that story made me weep!

i think Juuule has 8 or 9 DCs

i have 2

and that is the way it is going to stay !

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Thu 27-Mar-08 12:42:35

juule has 9. I'm sure someone else has 8. Largegin&tonic was talking about no. 7 earlier. A surprising number have 6.

I'm just a poor relation. No. 4 not due for another 8 weeks grin (and it's my last).

Disenchanted Thu 27-Mar-08 12:47:53

I think I want 5.

Lord knows why but I do.

Immaculateconception Thu 27-Mar-08 12:51:00

4 kids here

NeverSayNever Thu 27-Mar-08 12:54:22

7 but not all at home and 1 of them I inherited from Dh, my lovely Dsd, who lives with us.

brimfull Thu 27-Mar-08 12:54:25

Not a mumsnetter (well I don't think she is?) but a woman in our town has 17 children,they all look very similar.Last were twins about 2 months ago.shock

magnolia74 Thu 27-Mar-08 13:15:16

5 smile
A lottery win would mean more though grin

BellaDonna79 Thu 27-Mar-08 14:13:45

I have 5 but I had them all in under 4 years though smile
Would like another couple in about 10 years I think...

AlwaysTheMummy Thu 27-Mar-08 14:34:49

Hubby and me have 2 together but he also has 2 from prev relationship, they live with their mum although we see them very regularly xx

lisalisa Thu 27-Mar-08 14:37:59

Message withdrawn

Scotia Thu 27-Mar-08 14:38:32

I've got five -

dd1 - 25
dd2 - 22
dd3 - 21
dd4 - 17
ds - 4

pedilia Thu 27-Mar-08 16:09:54


She must have been pregnant for all of her adult life! what size house does she live in?

3NAB Thu 27-Mar-08 16:26:22

I have been wondering about asking who had the most for ages. How much are we up too?

mrbojangles Thu 27-Mar-08 16:34:17

Just a small 4 here

juuule Thu 27-Mar-08 19:38:01

This always makes my jaw drop -

"The mother who gave birth to the most children was the wife of Russian Feodor Vassilyev. Her 69 children included 16 pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets and four sets of quadruplets."

From the Guinness Book of Records.

shock shock

I have a mere 9.

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Thu 27-Mar-08 20:03:00

Just another 61 to go for the record then juule? grin

M. Vassilyev never had a singleton birth shock in 27 pregnancies. Do you think her pelvic floor held up...?

juuule Thu 27-Mar-08 20:15:06

Do you think she was upset that she didn't make it to a nice, even 70?
Bit of an uneven number 69, isn't it?wink

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