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Are people always asking you "so are you done now?"

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PaulaYatesBiggestFan Thu 27-Mar-08 23:54:54

all the time all the time

i used to say yes but i did think 5 was

now i just say 'never say never'

mrbojangles Thu 27-Mar-08 20:37:58

Same here.... always asked if we are done yet followed by "dont you want to try for a girl?"
We have 4 boys smile
Dont know why people think I would not be happy with my boys, its like they think I have just duplicated the first boy another three times and the fact that they are all boys means they are all the same in every way when infact they are very different.

magnolia74 Thu 27-Mar-08 13:14:37

All the time, those that know me well I get 'So when's the next one?' grin

horsish Thu 27-Mar-08 13:03:17

I have been asked that after each child including the first

sorkycake Thu 27-Mar-08 13:00:29

and the blimey how do you cope? very well thank you I'm a rather good mother. wink

Zola78 Thu 27-Mar-08 12:00:44

Nemo and the fishes, your age gaps are the same as mine except your a year ahead. Please tell me it gets easier. I'm struggling with getting the baby to have regular nap times around the older chilren's activities

SilentTerror Thu 27-Mar-08 11:58:50

Nemo, I don't think we would have managed 4 close together tbh.
Difficult with toddlers and teenagers,juggling driving lessons and immunisations,but not as bad physically I don't t hink.
DD1 now can take DD2 to school and collect if I need her to,and she babysat all of them yesterday!
DD2 is 9 and she is fantastic with the 2 yr old,really excellent, gets her toys,food,drinks,has even been known to change a nappy!
I think it keeps us young,but we will find our friends are at different stages to us in a few years I think. Not too bad now as our middle ones are the same ages as theirs,but I will be still doing the school run when they are grandparents no doubt!

PotPourri Thu 27-Mar-08 11:53:32

I always just say 'well, I'll see how I get on with x amount before making any plans'. It's not their business frankly. Are they really expecting you to say - nah, I want 6...

lilyloo Thu 27-Mar-08 11:53:07

Sould have said "you obviously have a problem counting to 3 then!" grin

lilyloo Thu 27-Mar-08 11:52:09

I have 3 and best one i had when pg this time was " i can't keep up with how many you have" hmm

pedilia Thu 27-Mar-08 11:51:55

One of my Mums first comments on being told about this pregnancy (DD4) was

"are you going to be strelised after this one" hmm

And that has what to do with you and NO actually

Nemoandthefishes Thu 27-Mar-08 11:51:04

silent terror how do big gaps work??
I have 3 in a very small gap and the idea of a big gap scares me..

Zola78 Thu 27-Mar-08 11:50:31

I forgot to mention "are they all yours" and " Nevermind, are you going to try for the girl?"

Disenchanted Thu 27-Mar-08 11:49:29

I only have 2 boys (3 &1) but people ask me this too!

Ceolas Thu 27-Mar-08 11:48:34

I have 4

Zola78 Thu 27-Mar-08 11:47:31

I always get "you've got your hands full". Followed by "At least their all out the way"!! Bizarre the assumptions people make.

I too have 3 children (all boys 3, 2 and 11 weeks)

stripeybumpsmum Thu 27-Mar-08 11:45:48

I am really sick of people saying 'oh, one of each, how nice you don't need to have any more'

Plan is for lots more thanks very much hmm

SilentTerror Thu 27-Mar-08 11:44:22

I have four but with big gaps so we have surprised people before,particulary with the last one.
I always say yes to that question,as we have!

Nemoandthefishes Thu 27-Mar-08 11:43:56

I get that but again only have 3..although to be fair I know we arent

buttercreamfrosting Thu 27-Mar-08 11:42:18

I always give the same reply but I 'only' have 3....grin

Earlybird Thu 27-Mar-08 11:40:36

How many have you got?

Ceolas Thu 27-Mar-08 11:39:47

Or have they given up?!

I get asked this a lot and always reply "Never say never". To which the reply is usually along the lines of "You must be mad!"

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