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do oyu haev a large family and a large arse?

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FluffyMummy123 Wed 26-Mar-08 10:53:51

Message withdrawn

Taweret Wed 26-Mar-08 10:57:50

are you a little bit bored?

tiredemma Wed 26-Mar-08 10:58:21

you are norty

PABLOP Wed 26-Mar-08 10:58:25


CarGirl Wed 26-Mar-08 10:59:27

do you count uk size 6-8 as large????

sorkycake Wed 26-Mar-08 11:06:09

My family is getting larger, my arse is getting smaller grin

Idobelieveinfairies Wed 26-Mar-08 11:18:40

More larger 'boobs' than 'arse' cod...and thanks for asking

Cadmum Wed 26-Mar-08 11:22:32

Rather like sorky: Larger family smaller arse...

Is it rather sad to feel honoured to have the great ICod on our new threads?

<<Cadmum waves>> Come on in, sit down, misspell some cryptic posts. Are you thinking about having more kids or making a larger arse?

HuwEdwards Wed 26-Mar-08 11:23:41

Surely they're mutually exclusive?

I mean how can you tear round after numerous dcs and attempt to keep the house just short of looking like guerilla warfare has taken place AND have a large arse?

BrownSuga Wed 26-Mar-08 11:24:16

I only have 1 and a medium arse, should I stop while I'm ahead?

sorkycake Wed 26-Mar-08 11:28:11

You're not <whispers> big-bummed are you cod?

Please say no, you'll shatter my image of you.

FluffyMummy123 Sun 30-Mar-08 18:46:10

Message withdrawn

pedilia Sun 30-Mar-08 18:58:50

depends on whether you call a size 10 largehmm

sallystrawberry Sun 30-Mar-08 19:00:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DragonFaerie Sun 30-Mar-08 19:01:47

Lol Sally grin <<waves from under her invisibility cloak>>

princessosyth Sun 30-Mar-08 19:02:15

Tis very hard, we only have a 2.5 seater sofa.

sallystrawberry Sun 30-Mar-08 19:07:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DragonFaerie Sun 30-Mar-08 19:10:14

Thank Sally, definitel on the mend and ermm...yes...lots of work, in fact not really here at all. wink

cocolepew Sun 30-Mar-08 19:37:46

Is this not the petition topic, then?

hatrick Mon 31-Mar-08 17:15:07

Message withdrawn

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