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Sleeping arrangements/bedroom sharing - any advice???

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CarGirl Tue 25-Mar-08 21:20:22

We are just about to have a "storage room" built in the loft so once it's all finished we will have the following.......

small double room - me & dh
Loft cupboard room dd1 (11 years)

then we have larger double room
small room 8'x6' (with a cupboard over the stair slant

and 3 more dds who will be 6,5 & 3 this summer, to complicate things the 5 year old needs the least sleep by far and doesn't like sleeping on her own - she currently shares the smallest room with the eldest but only sleeps there IYSWIM

So what are the pros and cons of who shares with who??? I'm thinking the 6 & 3 year old in bunks in the small room with minimal stuff and then the 5 year old in the big room (or she will disturb the others) with all the clothing, toys etc?

LOnger term when they are older I'd like to rotate them so they all get 6 months on their own in the small room but that is a way off yet.

What has worked well in room sharing?

By keeping one bed in the large room then they have more floor space and they like sitting on the bed etc whilst playing which doesn't work as well with bunks?

ScienceTeacher Wed 26-Mar-08 08:10:05

We are quite lucky with the boy/girl divide in our family. We had 2 boys followed by 3 girls.

We had the loft converted a few years ago, and now have a 18'x18' room with ensuite for the boys.

The two younger girls share a double room, and the middle child has a single room to herself.

Idobelieveinfairies Wed 26-Mar-08 13:37:48

We have 5 bedrooms. DD1 (15) has room of her own and DD2 (3) also has room of her own.

All the boys are in the middle so they have the 2 bigger bedrooms so there is 3 in each. It is simply the older 3 (12,10,9) in one room and the other 3 (7,7,3) together.

Me and DP have the downstairs with en suite so that at night when all cherubs are upstairs it's like me and DP have our own little 1 bedroom flat wink...until 5.30am that is!

There are always little arguements that happen...but i have to say they mainly happen on the landings!

magnolia74 Thu 27-Mar-08 13:24:59

I have 5 and a 3 bed house so 7 of us altogether.
Me and dh sleep downstairs but our wadrobe is in the very big bedroom upstairs.
Dd1 (nearly 13) has the box room.
The twins (age 8) have the big back bedroom.
Dd4 (nearly 5) and ds1 (16 months) share the big room at the front.

There is a bathroom upstairs and an extra toilet downstairs.

By the time dd1 is at Uni (she says hopefully!!!!) the twins will be 13, dd4 will be 9 and ds1 will be 6 so he will then get his own room unless we move before that and are lucky enough to get a 4 bed.

The room at the front is massive though so when the 2 youngest get a bit older we will partition it off for privacy as it's boy/girl smile

anynamewilldo Sat 05-Apr-08 23:28:57

this is one we are looking into:

at the moment we have 4 (pg with dc5) we have a 3 bedroom house, dh and I are in the large bedroom with dd3 (13mths) dd1 and dd2 (9yrs, & 7yrs) are in the middle room, ds (4yrs) is in the box room, we are having the front room divided so will become 2 rooms, if this baby is a boy, he will eventually be in with ds, otherwise dd3 and this one will share a room.

We were thinking of putting dd3 in with dd2, but because of such a big age gap, we thought it wouldn't be fair on dd2. but at the same time we dont think it is going to be fair that dd3 would have a small room to herself (should we have a boy). we are also looking into having the loft converted for dd1 (but that probably wont be for a year or two)

liahgen Mon 07-Apr-08 08:59:28

we have 4 big beds so we are just doing renovations and new plans will go like this,

me and dh in top bedroom, (baby in with us for now, 11 mths)

dd1, (13)smallest room on her own

ds1 and 2 (10, and 4 and half)share large room with bunks

dd2 and dd3 eventually(3 next week and 11mths at mo)share midle large room with bunk beds, 3 yr old will sleep on bottom bunk for year or so till we turf baby out of our room to make way for the next wink

I hate renovations, I have to decamp to my mates place to make way for kitchen being knocked down and extended. (she's ok, she has 5 kids herself. AND she is currently away on holiday BY HERSELF!!!!)

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